Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Dramas Dramas Dramas

Well its been a week since my last update and I can tell you that a lot has happened. Lets start my last Tuesday night. As per normal myself and Debra went to our ice skating lesson. We learnt how to do this cool bunny jump thing and practiced our lunges, as we were skating back to the barrier to do another jump my ankle gave way under me and i felt myself hit the ice. With angonising pain shooting up my leg I got assisted off the ice and sat down with frozen peas and my hot chocolate. As you can see from the picture my ankle was pretty fat. In the morning my ankle was still pretty fat and quite painful so i decided that trip to the doctors to ascertain if anything was broken was the best idea. So Debra bundled me up in the car and took me to the doctors, and then the doctor recommened getting an x-ray and then the x-ray people said that yes it in fact was broken. As you can see from the x-ray even a dummy can see that it is broken.

So off to the hospital to get a plaster, well that is what i thought, three hours later i was told that no a plaster was not what they were going to do, I needed to go to have an operation and I was admitted to hospital there and then and was told that i would get my operation tomorrow.

The next day i was on a Nil By Mouth (NBM) diet which meant no eating or drinking at all. At about three o'clock i was getting pretty dehydrated, so in goes the canulater and the IV drip. At 5pm they came and advised me that my operation had been cancelled and that it was scheduled for tomorrow, which meant I get to have dinner but that also I was on NBM again.

So at about 1pm on Friday it was time to go. It was pretty scary and smelt pretty bad down in the operating theatre. I was drugged up and off to sleep i went. At about 4.45 i woke up and the surgery was over and i woke up dazed and confused. I was taken back to my room to sleep it off.
On Saturday I was told my the doctor that I would no be going home until at least Monday. Great, another two days in hospital! So I did my time and finally got admitted on Monday with strict instructions no weight on my foot, i must keep it elevated at all times and not work for two weeks, great! What am I going to do now.

I can tell you that while I didn't much like being in hospital (especially when coughing old lady coughed ALL night) but being at home is so much harder, you can't carry anything, its an effort to get up, my foot just aches when it hangs low at least when I sprained my ankles in the past after a couple of days you can at least put weight on it. Oh and the netball is this weekend, I can tell you i have been looking forward to this since March (when i brought the tickets) and I think I am going to have to hire a wheelchair and sit in the disabled zone as I need to keep my foot elevated! I can tell you the silver ferns better win, at least maybe I might get better seats!
As i only have dial up at home at the moment, can't put more pictures on but have more to come.

Monday, 3 July 2006

Random Events I thought I would share

Time Zone

Last Sunday after my ragie night in town, Debra and myself decided a nice hot breakfast would be in order and headed for surfers. After breakie Debra thought it might be a nice idea to go for a walk along the beach, I thought it might be a nice idea to go to Time Zone and have some fun, fun won over exercise and we headed upstairs to Time Zone. For $15.00 we got two hours of fun and even got prizes. We raced on horses, kayaks, jet skis and mountain bikes to earn enough points to get our rewards. Debra got a cool dolphin pen and I got some games. Included with our tickets were also dodgem rides, lazer zone and mini golf. We had great fun and the next morning we both woke up feeling like we had done a work out! Do you know how hard it is to be a jockey!!
On Sunday night Fisho's is the place to go. Now Debra and Me have been planning to go there for a while now. We tried on Easter Sunday but the place was to packed but we managed to get down a couple of weeks ago. I can tell you it was an experience. Most people, I would say, had been down there drinking since lunchtime and were all pretty cherry. It was just like walking into a night club at 11pm. There were people everyone, after a few drinks myself and Debra were dancing on the dance floor like it was the normal thing to do. Now can you tell me when as the last time, if ever, you have been dancing on the dance floor at 7pm in comfy shoes!! It was great fun and being home by 8.30pm I had plenty of time to sleep of the alcohol and be ready for work bright and early on Monday. So if you come to the coast remind me to take you there!
Dinner at Margarita's
We had our end of season netball dinner at Margarita's on Friday night. We had a lovely dinner of nacho's and frozen margarita's (frozen drinks are my thing now, I don't even like tequila but these tasted great) followed by a dance in Surfers Paradise. Now I am sure it was more smokier than ever in Surfers as Friday night was the last night before smokefree in pubs, clubs and restaurants came in yah. I had a relatively early night and got home about 11.30 but can tell you I don't advise, champagne, nachos, tequila, vodka, smoke and paint fumes (my roof had just been painted) as a good combination but fortunately in true Toni style felt fine by Saturday morning.
Some girls from my team
Disney on Ice

We have waited a while to see this and finally the day had arrived. We were going to see Disney on Ice It stated at 6.00pm so at 3.30pm we jumped on the train for Brisbane with instructions in hand on what trains we needed to get there. We had to stop off at a little station and transfer on to another train that would take us close to the entertainment centre. The train was to due to arrive at 4.43 at 4.50 I was like hmmm, we must of missed it, alright we will make it in time if we get the next train at 5.13, when it didnt come at 5.20 that is when I started to get a bit/lot annoyed. We went over to the train man and said "lookie here buddy where is the train it didn't come and we have to be there at 6.00pm (ok we didnt say it like that but wanted to) he was like oh, you should of got this one and we were like well um that one didnĂ‚’t come and he was like oh, um, well blah blah blah and starting fart arsing around looking at stuff and we were like stuff this and got onto a train for central and then caught another one that would take us to where we needed to go, so by the time we got to Disney on Ice we had already missed the first quarter including NEMO!!! So I was a bit upset but the show was still pretty good and we picked up some snazzy moves that we intend to try out on Tuesday night.
I found out today that there is going to be a new singstar, Singstar Anthem, and it has some really cool songs on it. Am soo excited, I can see myself sing I will survive!!