Saturday, 30 December 2006

Christmas 2006

It was great to get to spend time with my family this Christmas. Christmas was low key this year with excess baggage a major factor. There is nothing quite like mummy’s cooking and the annual crayfish, although mental note to self. Never pose waist down with my little sister, stop eating period (I have been home a month now and don’t think I have stopped eating!!) and never let my sister wear my high heels, she towers over me!!

For Christmas all three of us got the got-to-have when you travel abroad Kiwi tops and I got the new Singstar Legends which I had to test out. Even roped my mum into having a sing!
oh and how good does my hair look!

Thursday, 21 December 2006

3 December till now

Me and Katie
3 December I headed down to Napier on a bus - stupid bloody hire car company opening at 3pm on a Sunday!!!! for my sisters last ballet recital she was Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins (i am secretly glad its the last for a while, cause while its fun to see her dance, not so much to see the others!!!).

On 9 December my baby sister turned 18, so although it felt like minus 2 degrees outside we hit the night clubs in Napier and danced till 2pm in the morning, haven't made that effort for a while!

An aside for the above events and catching up with Sunshine (Hey!) i have been pretty much preparing my family for the big move. We are selling pretty much everything and i have been designated to posting and patrolling the trade me accounts and organising things coming and going and that is why i haven't had time to update my site.

19 days and counting till we leave Napier!!


2 December 2006

2 December 2006

On 2 December it was time to head back down to Hamilton and have a singstar party at Kim and Quentins and with singstar legends just coming out we decided to test it out. We had a great night and was great to catch up with everyone . I think the version of Shannon Noel that was sung that night was the best ever!!! Don’t think anyone got a video of it, but got some good videos and will stick them on when I next visit a broadband computer because dial up sucks!!!!!

Me and Kim being models - we could so do this professionally we just choose not too!
See gallery for more pictures


Thursday, 7 December 2006

And then onto Auckland

27 November - 1 December 2006

After the wedding I spent another couple of days in Hamilton and then headed up to Auckland to see Zac off at the airport and to spend a couple of days with Debra and even managed to catch up with Louise.

On 30 November, Tobi has his work do at I managed to score a date with Sean (one of Tobi's work mates, thanks for having me) and had a great night. Spookers is a "haunted" attraction in an old mental hospital in Auckland. The attractions we did were the haunted house and the 3d maze. It was great fun and me and Debra we highly entertaining, according to some, because we got shit scarred at every turn. Go to these links, and change images to 30 per page, and have a look.
On Friday night, Tobi decided to have a end of Movember party where everyone (was supposed) to dress up with moustaches.

Debra went as Magnum PI, I went as a rock star, Cameron as a dirty old man and Tobi as speedo cop!


Alies and Bryce's big day

25 November 2006

Today was the day. Alie and Bryce were getting married. The date that had been on my calendar for months and the reason i returned to New Zealand had finally come around. I got to see all my friends and to dress up in my pretty dress (that i can never wear in Australia), oh and to go to the wedding.

It was a lovely wedding and a great night, i had sooo much fun and was able to dance the night away in my flat shoes (how short do i look!). I could not not fit my camera in my bag so have to get pictures from someone else but have managed to get a couple of pictures to put on.

Congratulations and can't wait to see the official album - hope you get it before i go home - cause i didn't even see the cake!


Potato and BBQ

24 November 2006
As some of you might know, i have been hankering to come back to New Zealand to have a baked potato from the potato place in Garden Place. They do the best savory mince and cheese potato i have ever tasted and managed to feed that craving whilst having lunch with Tania and Julie on Friday. Yum (don't tell anyone, but i had one on Monday as well!!) Doesn't look good, but sure is tasty.

That night I headed to Blair and Rebecca's for a catch up with some friends and a great kiwi bbq (inside) as the weather wasn't in our favour. But the meat was good and the NZ mussels great and the real chocolate moose pudding fantastic! Had an early night as were all hoping for sunny weather on Saturday for the wedding.