Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The Weekend

This was the weekend of Nicky's interview with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. On Friday night we went through preparations for the all important interview as it would mean she would finally move down to the Gold Coast, Yah! She said it went really well and fingers crossed she will get it. They called her on Tuesday and told her its between her and another girl and would be “very beneficial” if she came down this weekend for another interview.

I asked whether she could bring koala's home and she said yes (well, she would be able to bring home animals that she would have to nurse, but wouldn't that be so cool)!

On Saturday night we decided to head over to Dustin and Nic's house to catch up as they had just moved to the Gold Coast. We managed to navigate our way there with our umbrella as it was spitting and I didn’t want to get my nicely straightened hair wet (NB – I really recommend the wet 2 straight hair straighter, it does a salon job). We didn’t make it there in time for spa but had a great night catching up with a few wines.
Also put a few pictures in the gallery.

Friday, 20 October 2006

Its that time of the year again

Hot weather, summer storms and cockroaches!
I have seen two already, fortunately they were pretty small and one was dying (looks like the pest control spray stuff they sprayed is still working) which is a bonus.


ps. It was Peter! Who would have thought :)

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Well everyone, including myself, has been somewhat slack lately with updating there sites, so even though don’t really have much to say about my life, thought I would update any avid fans of the haps on Home and Away.

Where do I start:-

This week Robbie has been found GUILTY of killing his grandfather (you will remember that he turned off his life support machine), lucky for Robbie though his sentence was only that he had to pay $6,000.00 worth of court costs!

Tasha received a letter from Josie and plane tickets in the mail. Tasha and Robbie have decided to start a new chapter in their life and move to Boston with Ella to live with Josie. If only it was that easy to just go and live in America.

So this is Tasha’s last week of home and away ever – sob, sob.

Jack and Martha

The last couple of weeks, Jack and Martha’s marriage has been on the rocks. Martha thinks that Jack is not taking the marriage seriously and that until he does they are trialling separation.

Macca is back and Cassie decided that he has turned over a new leaf and was cheating on Rick with Macca while Rick was away. She wanted to tell him but wanted to wait until he got back, you can imagine that Rick was not impressed when he caught Macca and Cassie on the couch, when he was going to surprise Cassie.

Belle and Drew
Well these two lovebirds have been quite active in the last couple of weeks, that is until Drew decides he had feelings for Amanda. So he breaks up with Belle and pursues Amanda who doesn’t turn him away. Belle is really angry and wants to find out who the other girl is. Amanda finally breaks up with Drew, well because Belle would totally freak when she found out that her mother was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Matilda and what’s his face
Can’t remember that guys name, but it’s the guy that she meets in the retreat, who she starts going out with. Well it turns out that guy was in fact gay and so didn’t really work out.

So Matilda and Lucas tyr and get back together but that also doesn’t feel right. So in the future don’t be surprised if Lucas hooks up with Belle and Matilda hooks up with Rick.

And last but not least – in Home and Aways 18 year history the story line next week is going to be the best ever. The TV week magazine has indicated that it might be one of the following:

Flynn comes back
Sally has been dreaming the past couple of months and wakes up and Flynn is still alive

Peter comes back
I totally don’t think so, as if, he doesn’t have a liver

Zoe comes back
Well this could be a possibility but she has already come back once

Hayley comes back
This could be possible to. But as she is in every magazine following round her husband I don’t see where she would have the time to film scene’s for home and away.

Kirsty and Kane come back
Now this could be a possibility.
Tasha mentioned Kane and Kirsty’s name the other day.
Sam Atwell (who plays Kane) has been hanging around the home and away set lately watching the “directing”.
Tasha and Robbie are leaving.
Saw Kirsty on an ad the other day, as to suggest she is in Australia.

Anyways that just a little update for you.