Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Debra's Birthday

On Saturday it was Debra’s 23rd Birthday so we all decided to go to Dreamworld for the day. After eating seafood and having daiquiris the night before I thought best to go easy and not do too many rides. So we started on the wipeout and moved from there. We decided it was getting a bit hot so we ventured towards the water rides. The first one being the rapid river ride, the other guys were saying how last time they rode this ride they didn’t get wet at all. This didn’t match up with mine and Debra’s recollection of the ride and by the time we were finished Tobi, Che, Debra, Kevin and me were saturated! Rachel and Cam went in a different boat and again didn’t seem to get wet.

We then thought well we are wet already lets go on the log flume ride. Rach and Tobi dodged the waves as we went down the ramp, again me and Kevin got saturated. It was so hot though and had been raining also, so decides from the wet undies we were doing alright. We ended up going on the giant drop three times in a row as the line was so short it was fantastic!!

Towards the end of the day I had decided that I had reached my limit and was prepared to take on the photographer role. Debra had decided to join me, as she also had enough. So as I was taking photos of Tobi and Che on the Wipeout Rach, Cam and Kevin were on the The Claw. Debra decided to push the limit and go on one more ride. That is a decision she ended up regretting. It wasn’t her that was sick but some little 10 year old boy throwing up what looked to be hotdogs or some other nasty orange spew onto her white skirt and between her toes. Lucky it was the end of the day!

For dinner we decided to try out Cav’s Steak house.

We had a fantastic dinner and even got free bread rolls. Definitely somewhere we would bring guests when they come to stay.

After dinner we headed back to our house for a spot of singstar and ended up playing that till the wee hours of the morning. Lucky the neighbors had moved out!!

After an action packed day on Saturday we decided to lay low on Sunday and went down to the beach. As we were heading into the water I saw this dark object with a firm swimming in the waves, my instant reaction was SHARK!!, which I said quietly (as I didn’t want to cause a commotion) and was ready to bolt back to the beach when I quickly realised it was just a dolphin. I call tell you I almost had a heart attack!!

Will put some more pictures in the photo gallery

Anyways, its back to normal life now and catching up on much missed sleep!! Till the next lot come!

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

What a week!!

This past week has gone in a whirl. We have been hanging out with Rachel, Cameron, Tobi and Che and have been so busy. Its really hard trying to keep up with people on holiday. I am looking forward to resting this week before the next lot come.

On Tuesday night we took them all to our ice skating lesson. Fortunately for them the rink wasn't like a lake like the week before. I think they each managed to fall over once as did me and Debra but had a good time all the same and even managed how to learn how to stop, I think!

On Thursday night we went around to their motel again for a bbq. We cooked so much food and had a good night. It great hanging out with friends again.

On Friday night I had my work Christmas do. We dressed up and went to a swanky seafood restaurant at Marina Mirage. Now for all of you not in the know, “Marina Mirage” is where all the upper class posh people hang out, very swanky. Donald Trump was staying at a motel along there not long ago. We ended up getting heaps of seafood platters. I was feeling really tired and not in the mood so didn’t drink that much or eat to much because I also knew that I had to go to Dreamworld the next day and drink on Saturday night.

Tuesday, 13 December 2005

We have some presents

Desperate Housewives and Singstar

The last few weekends have been dedicated to getting up to date with the first season of desperate housewives. As unfortunately for us we left New Zealand half way through and Australia had already screened the first season. But we watched all 23 episodes and very excited about the second season.

On Sunday, we meet up with Cameron, Rachel, Toby and his sister Che. We went swimming in their pool and had lunch at Pacific Fair. As the afternoon progressed and everyone got a little sick of playing poker we decided to head over to our house and get some dinner and play singstar. We piled four people in the back and me and Debra in the front. Looking every which way for a cop on the way home cause as well as being overloaded we have been over here for three months and our licenses have expired. We have got the road code book, buts its as thick as and haven't really had time (or be botheredness) to study the road rules.
We sang to our hearts content and maybe drank a bit to much for a Sunday night, but had a good time and will be doing it again on Saturday as its Debra's birthday and she turns 23!
I got an email from Dreamworld today and me and Debra are going to Screamworld tomorrow night. It has all the dreamworld rides completely in the dark and entertainment.

Friday, 9 December 2005

Yah, its Friday

Apart from the fact it the last day of the working week. I am highly exicted its Friday because today the rental people have answered our prayers and brought our AIR CONDITIONER in. I plugged it in and tested it out at lunchtime and hopefully by the time I get home later on, our house will be a cool oasis. Also along with the airconditioner came a much needed kitchen applicance the microwave. No more takeouts if I forget to get the meat out of the freezer and reheating will be so much easier.

Thursday, 8 December 2005


We put up our Christmas tree on Monday night. Doesn’t it look pretty? All we need is some presents to put under it!

On Tuesday night me and Debra went on our weekly ice skating adventure. We turned up at the ice rink to find that instead of clear, nice, smooth, easy skating ice there was about a 2cm thick layer of water on top of the ice. Apparently the power went out a couple of times over the last couple of days and melted the ice. So we skated every so carefully as falling over would mean that our clothes would be drenched as well as coming home with a few bruises and bumps. But as the classes go on, we are starting to do more difficult stuff therefore falling over was inevitable. Debra was the first one to hit the ground front first and saturated her front and then she fell over again on her arse. She was drenched and could literally squeeze water out of her pants. The lesson was almost over and I wasn’t getting one of the moves and was getting rather frustrated and you know when you are so frustrated cause you can’t do it and other people are like try this, try that, and its just makes your more frustrated! Anyway so I tried in on the other leg to see if it was easier but then I fell face first and slid into a big pile of water. You know its time to stop when you are covered in water and only have yourself to be mad at. We are learning cool things though, we have learnt how to skate on one foot, drag a leg behind whilst skating on one foot, ski skate, and are in the process of learning how to spin and do cross over things with our legs.

Monday, 5 December 2005

Another week in Australia

This week was a little more eventful that last weekend. On Thursday and Friday night we went and saw Louise and Simon who were on the Gold Coast for a Holiday. They were staying at the Bel Air resort. We went over there to have a bbq and to use their facilities (ie. spa and pool). Unfortunately the weather had been a little chilly during the week so the outside pool wasn’t so warm but the inside one was. But I don’t know about the spas in Australia they all seem to be a bit chilly. After a swim on Friday night we decided to crank out the ole singstar and proceeded to sing our hearts out. After about an hour of singing we felt it was time and called up Kim to see what she was doing and to dedicate Shannon Noll to hear. She was most impressed I am sure.

The rest of the weekend was spent basically complaining about how damm hot it was. I think it was the hottest it has been, so hot in fact you can’t even sleep and end up dehydrated in the morning. Last night I ended up spraying myself with a water bottle just so I could sleep. We also went down to the broadwater by our house. They have a nice little area there that they have netted off so that the sharks don’t come in and we dipped down there for a few swims.

Cam and Rachel and their friends are due to be here tonight, we have brought a bbq pack and will be calling them asap to see if they want us to visit and ask if we can use their facilities.

I have had a few requests to write my address again to send Christmas cards, etc to so here it is

Toni O’Neill
1/37 North Street
Queensland 4215

Better get in quick. Only 20 days to go.

Don’t forget to write in my guestbook and send me some pictures of what you have been up to, haven’t had a post in a while.


Monday, 28 November 2005

My week

Well, to be quite honest, my week has not been the least bit exciting.

On Tuesday we had our ice skating lesson. Me and Debra have decided that we need to take up yoga, so that we can do the positions required for being a professional ice skater better! We kind of learnt how to skate on one leg with one leg dragging behind in a kind of lunge position. We can’t even bend that low standing on the carpet let alone on an ice skate with one leg dragging along the ground. We kind of got the hang of it, but I woke up the next morning hardly able to move my right leg, but I bet my right arse cheek is looking better for it! Unfortunately, (well fortunately it wasn’t me) Debra fell over and would have fallen about a metre onto the ice on her butt. Apparently, she had an egg shaped lump and could hardly sit for about a week.

The only other thing that was exciting this week was that me and Debra were driving home (after being shopping at Pacific Fair, Debra wanted to get some trackies for ice skating to help lunge better) it started raining and then right before our eyes a bolt of lighting hit the top of the Q1 building. The moment we had been waiting for had happened right before our eyes and then about five minutes later another hit the top. It was so exciting. We decided to camp out at some theatre that had a great view with the camera but didn’t see anything else. Next time a storm hits we will be in the car with the camera in our secret spot!

This picture is of it being hit about three weeks or so ago at night. It wasn't that exciting yesterday but it was up there!

Hope you guys had a more exciting week than me, let me know!!

We have a few people coming over in the next while, so hopefully will have some cool stories and pictures shortly.

Home and Away

Just thought I would update you on the final episode of Home and Away.

Well, Flynn collapsed at Scott and Hayleys going away party. He has had enough of being sick and will he kill himself with morphine!!!!

Zoe, is back!!! Well not exactly, we saw a scene with her nursing someone in a hospital somewhere. She is still alive.

Tasha is still caught up with the beleivers and looks like she might choose them over Robbie.

Amanda got married to Graeme (Beth's father). Ewwww.

Jack and Martha got back together.

Dan and Leah have pretty much broken up but Leah is pregnant.

Next year, a hurricane hit summer bay... someone dosen't make it!

To be quite honest the final eposide wasn't that good. Definently not a clip hanger like shortland street.


Monday, 21 November 2005

My weekend

I decided that when I came to Australia that a new hair style was in order. So as I was flicking though one of the papers I came across some vouchers and took it as a sign that it was time to go to the hair dressers. So on Saturday morning at 9.30 (as some of you will know, I had a few drinks with the girls from work and was quite “excited” when I got home on Friday night, but managed to get myself out of bed and dressed). Anyway, I walked down the road to the hair dresses after 15 minutes of waiting the owner said would you like a manicure for free, so I said sure so I ended up getting a free manicure, as well as discounted hair which was cool. Three and a half hours later I walked out of the hair dressers with my new hair. Its not actually all that different, just dark brown with six blondish foils and they straightened it for me. The picture doesn’t really show the colour of the foils, may have to get another one.

We didn’t really do anything else exciting on the weekend. Watched Bewitched, The Notebook (that is sad) and I brought Singstar Party so we had a sing of that.
Oh, I also forgot to mention that it Schoolies week in Surfers. As you can see in my pictures there is a bank up of cars. Most of those cars are from 16, 17 and 18 year old people who have just finished seventh form and have come down to Surfers for a weeks worth of boozing. I call tell you that there is no way were are going near Surfers for the next three weeks. I am so glad I don't work in there anymore.

I will do a little Home and Away update, check out the new Home and Away website though as its pretty much got on it what is happening.

This week is the last week for Home and Away

Hayley and Scott are leaving Summer Bay for good and moving to France. Did you know that Scott is 30 in real life. He is going to England to further his career.

Amanda and Beth’s father (who is like 70) get married, she is after his money.

Martha and Jack get back together.

Leah is still mad at Dan for lying to her about the gambling. Dan’s kid gets taken away by the guy he owes money to. Leah has just found out she’s pregnant, but can her marriage survive?

Tasha is caught up in a Cult thing, what will happen?


Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Our adventure in the big city

Me and Debra embarking on our journey

One of Debra’s workmates was leaving Debra’s work so we decided to spend a night in the “Big City” aka Brisbane. So on Saturday morning we packed out bags and headed for the bus stop which would then take us to the train station.
Unfortunately, the bus we wanted to catch was also the bus that takes everyone to the theme parks on Saturday morning so after waiting 20 minutes in the heat for the bus we were most annoyed when it was jam packed and drove straight past. Luckily another one was a minute behind it. We made it to the train station and were fortunate to get a train straight away (although Debra almost made us catch the wrong one, and she tells me catches the Brisbane one most days!).

So we headed towards Brisbane, I was quite excited as I had not been on a train before but the excitement soon wore off after ½ an hour. Luckily, the train only takes 1 hour. So we got into the station and navigated our way to the Backpackers three blocks down (we only asked for directions twice). We filled out the forms and went up to our room which only had a double bed and a chair that’s it.
However, it did have a nice view from the window. We chucked our stuff on the floor and headed for the shops. Brisbane is a bit different from the Gold Coast people are not as friendly and after seeing the biggest group of Goths in the middle of the mall decided Brisbane definitely wasn’t for us and quickly walked past them.

That night we went out for dinner at a pizza place. The food was quite good and after a few RTD’s (which we were allowed to bring in ourselves) telephoned Kim for a chat. Being about 12 in New Zealand she wasn’t to grumpy and ended up singing to her all the 80’s singstar songs we could remember.

After dinner we then dodged the beggers and jumped onto the train back to our backpackers and got ready for a night out on the town. We headed to the Casino thinking that we would make back the money that we spent on shopping (so that Debra could wear buy dress with a belt that come up under your boobs, she vowed if she saw 5 people wearing them and won money at the casino she would get one) but unfortunately they didn’t have craps and we lost money on the pokies. Why do I play them I always lose money?
This Casino is in the background
On Sunday morning we packed up our gear which was splashed around the room and headed for the markets and then across on the fairy to the man made beach. It was really cool especially for a public place that was free. After our swim we were exhausted and decided to head home and play a bit of 80’s singstar.
The man made beach in Brisbane
Debra asleep on the train with her new sunnies
To see more pictures, check out my photo gallery

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

My New Job

Where do I start! Sorry, I haven’t written anything in a while but have been rather busy.

Last week I got a call from some recruitment agency saying do I still want a job. I said yes please, I was so over filing and stuff at the construction company. It was a small family law firm in Southport. That sounded perfect for me as family law was something I was interested in and Southport is just around the corner. Turns out the law firm is literally around the corner, 5mins walk!

So I went for my interview on Wednesday night and it went fantastic (she was a kiwi as well) and the next day I found out I had the job. How fantastic, the only thing was that I needed to tell my temping agency that I was quitting. I can tell you that went down like a house on fire. As a temp I don’t need to give notice, but felt kinda bad only giving one day. The temping agency took it well, it was the construction company lady who didn’t and practically didn’t talk to me all day.

Anyway, I had my first day yesterday and I think I will like it here. I have not idea what is going on as I have hardly any family law experience let alone Australian, Queensland Family Law experience. There are about 8 females and no boys. There are four dogs and one cat roaming around the rooms and sitting under your desk. I am not much of a dog person but they are ok. Hope everything goes well, I am sure it will.

Will keep you posted.


Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Detox is over

It was so hot last night. The temperature outside was 24 degress at 6.15 at night. It was so hard to sleep, someone told Debra that in the summer here it is not uncommon to wake up with heatstroke. Looking forward to that!!!
We are going to have a big fat juicy steak tonight. Yum, I am so looking forward to it. We drank our last bitters last night, we are not sorry that they are over and all the other arse tasting food we have been eating for the last ten days. I still ended up having a soy milk shake for breakfast as we had no other milk but ate three lollies today.
Me and Debra went on our first ice skating lesson last night. It was actually quite good. The rink isn't as flash as Auckland but the guy who taught us was quite cool and he can do flash things. We are going to be the next Nancy Carrigan and Tonya Harding, look out winter Olympics. We were learning some flash turn thing (well it wasn't that flash) and I fell over, everyone saw and I landed on my face with my glasses mangaled out of shape and a nice bit scratch over my eye. In my defence, it was very slippery where we were and I don't think I was the only one to fall over.
I got a call today from another agency, I forget which ones are which, anyway I have a meeting with her about a job tonight so fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 8 November 2005


I have had a pretty bad day today.
I think it may have even started last night when I saw a big spider run across the kitchen. We have sprayed the house twice and its was still alive. I fixed it though half a can of flyspray later and it was dying in the jar.
I woke up this morning right on the alarm which I don't normally do as I usually wake up before and then ended up running late and then had to rush to get the bus.
When I got I had sore eyes and couldn't focus on the computer properly, so I had a look at them and they were really blood shot. I didn't even have a late night last night I went to bed at 9.30!!!
Also, that mean lady at work had a go at me. She was sick on Monday, so me being the nice person I am did a bit of her stuff (which she would have given me anyway!!) but instead of thanking me she goes "Why didn't you give this to so-and-so, use a bit of fore-thought?" (well I will have you know that I am VERY good at fore-thought, I am the most organised person I know and you can't be organised if you don't have fore thought!). So I said I always give them to you and she blabbed on about something. If they want me to give the people the stuff, just tell me, don't make me feel bad. Imagine if I had given it to that person and it wasn't supposed to. Grrrrrrr ... she went off at me again this afternoon, saying I should do something before it gets to full. How am I supposed to know the process!!! Anyway, I am still in the looking for a new job. The sooner the better. I am not expecting a new job not to be the same sort of thing, but at least hopefully I will feel included, not just the temp in the corner spending most of her day filing dam invoices and dockets!!
Anyway, enough bitching. Me and Debra are going to go Iceskating tonight (if Debra doesn't get us lost! - kind of reminds me of someone else who thought they knew the day but didn't :)). We are going to an adult learning class. Not sure what it will be like, but hopefully they will at least teach us how to stop!!
For all those HOME AND AWAY fans, heres the latest goss!!
Martha is terrified after the Cory incident that she gets a gun and accidently shots Rick. Rick is ok but tells her to get rid of it. Jack finds out that Martha has the gun and also tells her to get rid of it but it ends up getting stolen (does it sound a bit like the Tasha, Sarah, Jessie scenario). Anyway we don't know who has stolen it yet.
Tasha has been in the city seeing Duncan as he has been in an accident and she comes back but is spotted on the beach with some guy. Robbie finds out and confrots her but she lies and says he is in love with her and she was just telling him to back off, but upon reading the TV week we are about to find out that actually Tasha has got herself ropped into a cult.
Kim, Scott and Hayleigh
Hayleigh has had the baby and everything is fine. Kim is finding that he is getting left out a bit and is a bit annoyed at Scott. Then Scott gets a call from someone in France and is offered a job. Hayleigh decides to go with him but Kim isn't happy about her taking the baby. Duhh... Hayleigh. Anyway Kim files at petition. They go to mediation but then Kim runs out of the room followed by Hayleigh and then Kim gets him by a car and is in hospital. Any this week KIM in fact does find out the truth about the baby!!! Stay tuned it happens this week some time.
Amanda is trying to get it on with Beth's rich dad.
Dan has bet on some horses (he is an old gambler from way back) and is in a lot of debt.
And that is all I can remember.
For Kim and any other McLeods Daughters fans.
Jodie might be a McLeod. At her birthday Jack has left her lots of money. We don't know yet thought.
Tess if pregnant and her husband, whats his face, dies (maybe) in a plane accident.
Anyway the place is closing.
Bye bye

Monday, 7 November 2005

Detox Day Five - Nine

These are the things on my mind at the moment. Everywhere I look I can see people eating yummy things that I am just not supposed to have!!
Sorry, I haven't written for a while but there hasn't been much happening. Am feeling good and healthy but am a little over fruit and vegies for everymeal and either fish or chicken everynight for dinner. On Wednesday night we are going to have a big fat juicy piece of steak. Yummy!!! But we are going to try not to go into the old habits of chips (not that the chips even taste good here, nothing beats Bluebird, take note everyone who is coming to visit, we have lists for you!!) and dessert every night.
I found out about a cool place on Thursday. I work for Rapcivic Construction with built the Cheveron Reniassance Towers, a very flash resort complex on the Gold Coast. I got told on Thursday that my "fob", its a key kind of thing, will let me into the towers and up to the pool complex. Well that Thursday lunchtime I went for a little looksee and its fantastic. Nice pool, BBQ area, sunbathing area, gym, spa, the works and I can do this at lunchtime, afterwork or even in the weekend for free. Below is from there site.
Beaches in the Sky~outdoor pool, bridges and grotto spa surrounded by sandy beaches and sub-tropical gardens Undercover parking (free) Heated outdoor pool BBQ Club room for private functions Private theatrette for guest use Outdoor meditation area 25m heated indoor lap pool Gymnasium Sauna –male & female Games room"
I don't really have much more to say so bring on tomorrow night!!!!
Love you lots.

Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Detox Day Four - Wednesday

Today I actually feel ok. A little tired for getting up in the middle of the night but no headache yay.

Tomorrow is half way there. Only five to go after that. Me and Debra have been talking about what we are going to eat when we come off next Thursday. We don't want to get back into bad habits, but the Cheesecake Shop has been eyeing us up over the last couple of days and they have some yummy treats in there.
I don't really have much else to say, have had a pretty average day. Am not really looking forward to going home to dinner though we are having Salmon Patties. Another recipie from the detox book. Hope they are not as bad as the pumpkin soup was.
Oh and me and Debra are really looking forward to Rachel and Cameron who are coming over in December and challenging them to some singstar 80's.
Anyway better get home am expecting a phone call.
Love Toni

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Detox Day Three - Tuesday

I still have my everlasting headache, it is one of the side effects of the detox, but I hope it goes away soon.

I had a pretty crappy day today actually. As everyone will know it was Melbourne Cup day yesterday, which is quite a big thing here, bigger than in New Zealand, and as everyone in the whole stupid country was getting ready to go and watch the race somewhere. Guess who wasn't allowed to go? Me. It was so stupid "apparently" I had to stay back and look after the phones in case someone rung during the race... whatever!!! What damm Aussie is going to ring during the race. We don't even get many calls and the main phones were on divert anyway!!! I am so mad and then became increasingly homesick. But I am over that now, looking for a new job and ended up winning 12.80 on the races. I bet on the horse that came third. It was a kiwi horse so in NZ is was only paying 1.90 but here it payed 6.40. So I was pleased as I am a bit poor until pay day on Friday.

I had already agreed to play netball for work yesterday, before the incident, and reluctantly went down to the court at 8.00 to play. It turned out all right. We ended up winning 30 - 17. The first time my team had one and the game flowed really well. They say you are not to do to much vigorous exercise when you are on detox and I sure felt quite weak after I finished. They also say you should drink two litres of water a day. I was reminded twice in the middle of the night, that I was in fact drinking that much damm water.

Monday, 31 October 2005

Day Two Detox

We managed to get to the supermarket on Sunday and spent an hour, maybe more, buying all the food we needed. I think we brought almost every fruit and vegetable variety the store hand!! Our fridge went from nearly empty to full and cost us an arm and a leg to do.

Yesterday, I have disgusting crunchy wheat free, gluten free, taste free museli with natural youghurt and berries. The museli was so crunchy and chewy that by the time I have finished my last mouthful I could hardly talk. It was not as good as mums. Debra make some pumpkin soup for lunch yesterday as well. I don't like pumpkins anyway but this browny-yellow soup tasted worse than the museli. So instead of having that for dinner I eat gluten free, and whatever else free bread and carrot sticks. Debra agreed with me on the soup and we are going to throw the rest of the spew soup away.

On our shopping trip we also brought some Carrot, Apple and Ginger juice. Wow... there are a whole bunch of flavours in there that SHOULD NOT ever be mixed together. After two mouth fuls I was dry reaching and decided not to have anymore, but I think Debra is purservering holding her nose and doing a chaser of orange juice. I am not sure what is worse the bitters or the juice!!!!

Yesterday, I spent most of the day with a massive headache and cravings for chocolate, which seemed to have continued onto day, but otherwise am feeling good.

Oh, and the other night I found this on the carpet. Thank god it was dead. I'm not sure I could have handeled an alive one! Look at how big it is!!! This is the front and back of the little blitter!!!


Sunday, 30 October 2005

Detox Day One

Me and Debra decided that we needed to cleanse out our systems so we decided to go on a ten day detox diet. So we went down to the health food store and brought the blackmores ten day detox kit. We then went home and put all the "naughty food" away (which left the cupboards practically bare) the naughty food in on the last three shelves and the food we are allowed to eat is on the second shelf, basically it was two pots of fruit and potatoes!~ and set about writing out a shopping list of things we needed to get at the supermarket. We then proceeded to go to the supermarket but ran into a small problem, the supermarkets in Queensland close at 6.00 on a Saturday, ITS THE LAW!!!!!! so we didn't end up going shopping. I can tell you that's just another thing to add to the list of things that we are disliking about Australia. Other things on the list include :
- Bats, Magpies, the heat, cockroaches, stupid clickie things on the petrol pumps don't work because of stupid Australians pulling them away before the petrol has stopped, supermarkets closing early on the weekend.

Nothing unrelated to detox but me and Debra went to pac fair yesterday for a spot of shopping and got thoroughly excited when on the shelf a gaming shop was "Singstar 80's" we quickly snaveled that up and proceeded to the counter in so much excitement that we could hardly contain our selves and talking about how much fun we were going to have tonight singing, Eye of the Tiger and other exciting 80's songs only to have our hopes crushed when we got to the counter buy the teller who said that it had not come out yet (which we knew ,but thought that we might have been wrong) and they had put it in the wrong section!!! But idiots, how could they do that to someone. We promptly left the store, I didn't feel it was appropriate to throw a tantrum there and then. Anyway it comes out around November 11 and we will have to wait to then. We might have some friends to invite before then because Debra is sick of me betting her and its just not that fun we its only two of you!

So today we started the diet, after waking up at around 9.00 this morning (after having a few drinks last night). The last thing I felt like drinking was a SOY MILK BANANA SMOOTHIE, quite frankly I felt like a big fat piece of steak!!!!!! But before I could enjoy my smoothie I had to have the bitters. You are supposed to take then 15 minutes before breakfast to prepare your stomach for breakfast. Well... I have never had anything that tasted more like arse in my life. It was disgusting the gagging reflex was there and the only thing to disguise the taste was to suck on a lemon. Ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After recovering from the taste, Debra wipped up the smoothie and it didn't taste that bad, but soy milk it no cows milk!!!!!!

We are now on the way to the supermarket to get our groceries. Some of the things on the list include vegetable juice, wheat free bread, and lots of fruit and vegies.


Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Since my last post

I have posted a Home and Away update below.
On Saturday, one of the hottest days ever!!!, I decided I couldn't wait any longer and went out and brought a PS2 that came with ........... Singstar Pop. It is soooo cool. ON Saturday night me and Debra sung all the songs on it. After we sung all the songs, some more than once we decided to go down the road to the "Working Mens Club". We want to become members to get cheap food and they give discounts at the movies. So we bowled on down there. After losing some money on the damm pokies, we settled in front of the Maori band and had some dacaquris. Six dacquiris later each (they are sooo yum and only cost 2.90 each) and after the band had stopped singing at 11pm. We headed home for another round of Singstar. Being the Nanna's that we have become then went to bed at around In our defense though. Surfers would have been hideously busy because of all the Indy people.
On Sunday we decided to head out to the beach. We went to the beach in Broadbeach so lots of the roads were backed up and closed. We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours and only ventured into the water once cause the waves are quite big and frequent and its takes way to much concentration. We decided we are going to have to get some boogie boards. It then started to rain so we headed home.
Last night, we had a massive storm in the Gold Coast. Lighting, thunder like you would never beleive and lots of rain. This is just a test of what is to come in the summer season. If you go to this website you can read about the lighting hitting this building eight times and it has a really cool picture. This building has a rod sticking out the top in case it does happen. It looks pretty cool.
Anyway thats all for now. Please sign my guestbook.


We have had a few requests to update everyone on what is going on in Home and Away and since Debra types as fast as a snail, I am allocated to the job. I will tell what I can remember.
Amanda, Scott, Hayley and Kim
Well, can't remember what I have said but.
Kim and Hayleys wedding is off. Hayley still loves Scott. Amanda and Scott broke us because Scott loves hayley. Amanda was mad so she pretended to be pregnant to Scott, then Amanda had a miscarriage. Then last night Josh (new evil character) told Scott that Amanda was faking that she ever had a baby and Scott was real mad and now everyone in summer bay hates Amanda. Kim is mad with hayley and so is Amanda so hayley decides to go away for a couple of days and last night went into contractions in a caravan in the wops were no one knows where she is. She might die, as she is having the baby this week ..... Kim still doesn't know the truth about the baby. Josh is the new mayor and Amanda owes him lots of money from LA, they are now planning to do something evil together.
Flynn is dying and has decided to not go on with the chemo because it is makin him to sick so he has gone back to work and is living life as normal.
Rick and cassie are back together and very upset that flynn is dying. They had their HSC last week and rick brought a copy of a maths exam from another student. He lied and said he didn't but we saw it. We are yet to find out whether he may get in trouble for it.
Beths dad has come back for some reason. But nothing really exciting has happended for the other hunters.
Jack, Martha and Cory and Irene
Cory (is a new character) and Jack are police partners. Martha and Jack broke up and Martha started going out with Cory. Irene started going crazy after Cory came to the bay. Cory moved in with Irene and Cory has been poisoning Irene and she went crazy and had to be sent to a crazy house. Cory decided to leave town (no one knew about the poisioning) and martha went with him. Then Jack discovered that IRene was on the jury that put Cory's father in jail and that is why he is poisoning her so Jack went and saved Martha as Cory was being scary and stuff.
Leah and Dan.... nothing really there. I think LEah is to busy with Dancing with the Stars to have much scenes.
I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Ask me some questions if you want.
This week and next week..... for the tv mag
Will hayley survive ......
Will Kim die ....
Martha shoots Ric .....

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Some pictures

I don't really have a lot to write since my last post but thought I might put some pictures on.

This is a package which Zac sent me in the mail. I found it like this at the front door of our house. So when packing all my christmas presents, make sure that they are well packaged and anything fraglie is packed in about 50 layers of bubble wrap!!!!!!

This is a picture of the sky today which i thought looked cool. It was a clear blue sky with this kind of 3d patch of clouds. This was taken in the shopping centre kind of part down the road from where we live.

I went into Kmart today to price out how much a PS2 was going to cost. PS2's were $244.00 but a PS2 with the Singstar Pop pack was only $299.00 i think it might buy it. I am really excited!!!!


Friday, 21 October 2005


Thank you to everyone who reminded me that we have cockroaches in New Zealand. I used to live there.... I KNOW!!!! The thing is that they were just NOT SO BAD and you didn't see them everyday!!!!

Anyway the landlord has agreed to get the house sprayed, so yah.

Work is ok. I am older than 2 out of 3 of the girls there which is quite exciting cause I am never older than anyone its only about 2 months but hey, hows counting.

Its raining today and generally pretty miserable. The Indy has started this weekend and the traffic is just mad. Its a bit sucky weather as well.

As I have nothing left to say, I will leave it here.

Don't be afraid to sign my guest book.


Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Much better day

Yesterday was a much improved day (if that makes any sense) from Monday. I ended up being extremely early for work because I decided to take the earlier bus, but that was ok. I started early and got to finish early and I also saw no cockroaches which is also good.

At work that have a netball and I ended up playing for it last night. Its an indoor netball team but they play outdoor netball just indoor. Nothing like at home where its a completely different game. We only had six people and I ended up playing centre. They also play halves instead of quarters. By the end of the first halve of 20 minutes, I thought I was going to die, my lungs felt like they were going to burst. I think I need to do some running before next week. 20 minutes of non-stop running up and down the court, cause its faster than outdoor, nearly killed me. But the referring was still crap and I don't think she knew how to use the scorer so I don't even know what the score was. I do however have a large bruise on my shoulder from one of the little speedy girls from the other team.

Well that's pretty much all I have to say at the moment.


Monday, 17 October 2005


Anyone who bet that I would be home before Christmas almost made themselves rich last night.
The final straw broke... Thinking I was safe again after having sprayed the small house we live in with six cans of exterminator stuff, you would think that every living thing (except us of course) would have died. Well, I was extremely wrong.

At about 10.30 I decided to put down my book and try (I emphaise try, its a little hard to sleep we you are paranoid about noises in the wall and bugs climbing in your ears) to go to sleep. After tossing and turning for about an hour I heard the noise in the wall, I gave the wall a bang to let those little critters no to go away but then I heard more loud scuttling noises and decided to turn the light on just in case there was something there, I looked up and saw something dark, thinking it might just be a mark on the wall I put on my glasses only to find A GREAT BIG FAT DIRTY COCKROACH ABOUT 1 METRE FROM WHERE I WAS SLEEPING halfway up the wall, it a fit of panic I leap from my bed, managed to calm myself down and ran into the kitchen to get a jar and the fly spray. I ran back to my room and composed myself. I didn't want to spray it cause then it might fall into my bed or behind my bed, so I decided to guts it up go straight towards the bloody thing and put the jar straight over its body I managed to do this successfully and it was at this stage that I realised it was a FLYING COCKROACH. After putting it back on the table I went back to my room and started crying uncontrobally, how can you live or sleep when you are paranoid that you might wake up with a cockroach crawling across your face or in your ears. Ewww. If I had enough money I think I would have packed my bags and left that invested hole. I finally managed to compose myself get back into bed and put the covers tight around me after about two hours, I finally fell asleep only to be woken up a couple of hours later by my alarm.

And if you think that was a bad way to start the day. I was 30 minutes late for my first day at my new job as because of Indy the bus took an hour to get into Surfers. Its supposed to take 10 minutes. I was telling one of the girls at my work about the cockroaches and she said she has seen a great big fat giant Huntsmen spider. WHAT IF WE HAVE HUNTSMEN SPIDERS BEHIND OUR WALL MAKING THE SCRATCHING NOISE!!!!!! How am I supposed to sleep now.

I called up the Real Estate agents and told them that our house is infested and that they need to do something about it NOW!!! This was at lunchtime and I haven't heard back yet, but will be calling them again tomorrow!!!

Oh, and my first day of work was ok. Not sure what I will really be doing. Have just been entering accounts in a place in town.

Anyway, I am hungry and should go home.

Please write to me, I am feeling very depressed and stressed at the moment!!!!!

Love Toni

Sunday, 16 October 2005


For the last week I have been temping. For Monday and Tuesday I temped as a receptionist in a company called Avesco. There organise the V8 supercar meets around the place. That was ok but I don't know nothing about cars and it was the weekend after Bathurst and someone didn't wear a balaclava and people were quite mad!
The second half of the week I worked in a small legal office. The office consisted of 5 females and one very up-himself principal lawyer. He was a prat. He got his receptionist to:
- Make him a cup of tea everytime he bellowed
- Fill up his stapler in the morning
- Untangle his phone cord
- Turn over his calendar
- Get his lunch
- and on Thursdays get his lotto ticket!!
He kept teasing me about my ascent and stuff. I was glad to get out of there on Friday. It was a bit different from NZ offices. They only charge 10% GST and other stuff that is different.

Until Christmas I have temping in Surfers in a construction company. Not sure what it will be like but it guaranteed work and a good hourly rate. Haven't heard back from that firm I had an interview from. What dick heads. Why did they interview people if they didn't really want someone and why haven't they called back and said anything.

Well, I have seen more cockroaches that I have probably seen in my whole life. I think I was up to cockroach number 6 in the house and then I saw one in the plaza the other day ewwwww. SO yesterday we took matters into our own hands and sprayed the house. We arrived a couple of hours later to see a couple of small cockroaches on the ground dead and then, we had left the door open, a flying cockroach came in. Yes a cockroach with wings. How could my life get much worse, but with a cockroach with wings. I hid in the bathroom while Debra braved the situation and tried to get it outside. It flew outside and was dying on the ground. It inhaled to much of our bug spray!! Serves it right.
We went to the movies yesterday while the bug spray was spraying and saw In her shoes. We went to the theatre in Harbour Town and it was really cool. It was a massively big cinemar and the seats were so comfortable you could lift the arm rest and lie down, and thats exactly what we were doing. It was really cool and comfortable. The movie was good also, a laugh out loud kind of movie.

I don't think I really have anything left to write about.

So bye and please send me some emails about what you are doing.


Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Me and Spongie

We went to Dreamworld on Saturday and got to meet and have a picture with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and PATRICK. Me and Spongebob are real buddies now and he said I could call him Spongie.
I still haven't found out about that job yet. I called them yesterday and they are still deciding. I have a weeks worth of temping this week which is good, so I must get back to work and won't be able to update the site much.
Miss you all.
Send me some pictures.


Sorry, haven't written in a few days have been a bit busy and wanted to put some pictures on.

On Thursday night after we got home from late night shopping I was watching tv and then wanted a drink so I wondered into the kitchen (Debra had gone to bed) and looked on the bench and saw a cockroach!!! I am getting quite controlled at handling these kind of situations so I ran for the flyspray and sprayed the intruder and put it in a jar and turned the kitchen light off and sat back down to watch tv, feeling a little on edge and scanning the room to see if any of it's mates were around. I looked up at the kitchen curtain and saw this dark object, I started freaking out, surely not another one, on the same night in the kitchen. So I turned the kitchen light on (its has those long light bulbs and takes ages to turn on) and there it was the biggest ever cockroach I had ever seen, I composed myself and fought back tears and sprayed the giant thing. It feel into the sink and put this little blitter into another jar. It was twice as big as the last one. How is one supposed to sleep at night with cockroaches as big as your little finger running around. I am at my tolerance level of these disgusting bugs, any more and I might go crazy. So me and Debra have taken matters into our own hands and have brought an extermination kit. This should kill the infestations we have of these critters!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 October 2005


I have my most boring work day ever yesterday. I had a one day temp job, which is good as I need some money but basically all it was doing was entering information into a database for 7 and 3/4 hours and it was a very user friendly workspace. The desk was to high, the chair not very good and well it sucked! I didn't even have lunch cause I wasn't sure when I should go and where I could find the person to ask.
I might have a job!!!! I had an interview today and it went really well. Don't want to count my chickens but will let you know tomorrow whether I do or not.
It is so hot today. I am not sure how we are going to survive. It's to hot to be inside and to hot to be outside. I am looking forward to having a job just so that I can sit in a cool airconditioned office all day.
We are probally going back to Dreamworld on Saturday. We are going to see spongebob and hopefully get a picture. Does that make you jealous :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2005


This morning I got woken up at 3.30 by some strange noises. These noises were coming from the wall beside my bed and sounded like scratching noises. I quickly turned my lamp on, got my glasses and jumped over to the main light and turned it on. I was thinking cockroaches or something worse than than. I then ran into the bathroom, where we are now keeping the fly spray, and grabbed it. So I was armed and being brave I got my torch and looked under my bed to see if I could see anything nothing, I looked all around the corners or my room and could see nothing, I then pulled out my bed to nothing. But I could still hear the scratching... It was coming from inside the wall!!!!! What was I going to do, what if I ate a hole through the wall. After about 10 minutes it stopped, so I relutantly jumped back into bed and tried to go back to sleep trying not to think about what the noise was.
I eventually got back to sleep. At about 9.45 I got shocked out of my sleep by my phone blaring at its loudest ring "Jump" after realising what the noise was I dived for my phone to be greeted by someone who was ringing to see if I could come in for an INTERVIEW, trying to sound awake I said that would be good and am going for an interview at 2pm on Thursday. Its working in the Personal Injury Department, I have no idea what that would be like, so fingers crossed.

Monday, 3 October 2005

New Home Phone Number

As per usual nothing really exciting has been happening around here. We have had a few more bug encounters. Two actually. Two COCKROACHES. I am much more frightened of cockroaches than I am of cockroaches. We had one in the bathroom on Saturday night which I think we got as it went under the washing machine and then we saw one in the doorway to the bathroom so we are hoping it was the same one and we sprayed it lots and then put it into a jar. Thank god we brought that fly spray at the supermarket. Not sure what we would have done otherwise. And last night I was in the toilet and saw another one skulking around. So I quickly got the fly spray but before I got back it had gone into a crack in the wall, so I sprayed the crack. Hopefully it won't come out of their again. So last night I went to bed thinking that we have seen two in the last two days. What if there are more? What if they are in my room? What if they crawl into my ears? (I have heard they do that). Fortunately for us though, they were only normal relatively small sized ones.

We went to the "Wollys" last night for our weekly shopping trip and decided to stock up on some things that were lacking at home. So we got a cake tin and some steak knives and proceeded to the checkout where, would you believe, we go IDed for the knives. I couldn't believe it. I just started laughing at the boy who would have been all of 15 maybe and he just stared at us. Do we look under 18 anyway Debra produced her 18+ card, as NZ drivers licences are worth less than chewed bubble gum on the pavement here. We ended up getting a taxi home with the groceries as it was dark and we brought a bit.

Job hunting is going better this week. Went for another interview at a recruitment agency today. As always, hopefully something comes from that. I also got a call from another agency saying they are putting my name forward for an actual job so that is cool and a call today from someone who I applied for an actual job out of the paper. He is going to give me a call on Wednesday to set up an interview. Hopefully this week!!!!

We have got a home phone number.
The number is:

07 5564 0693, plus 0061 (I think). Just bear in mind that we are now three hours behind.

Anyway should go. Ready Steady Cook starts at 1.30.


Friday, 30 September 2005


I am not surprised that more people aren't getting killed by buses and cars here. Just the other day a bus came zooming onto the bus stop outside Australia Fair and hit someone who was standing to close to the curb. Luckily she wasn't badly injured but it literally knocked her off her feet and she went flying onto the concrete and rolled over. You could see it coming but there was nothing you could do. Me and Debra learnt from a near miss ourselves that you should never stand to close the the curb as we nearly got knocked out by a wing mirror of a bus zooming in to stop. They don't tell you to stand a metre away for the curb in the travel magazines or on the bus stops. Also, pedestrian crossings, what are the point in havin them, I am sure the law is the same here as it is in NZ in that cars must stop for pedestrians. But the amount of times you see a car about 6 metres or so away and think that it is ok to cross but then they coming bowling towards you and nearly run you off the road as they drive past. Maybe its a game and they try and hit as many people as possible during the day.

I had my first encounter with an Australian insect invading my space last night. At about 10.30 when I went to go to bed, in the stifling heat, I was turning off my fan and because the fan doesn't have a mark to tell you where the off is I was looking up at the roof to see if it was still moving and saw, the biggest SPIDER I had every seen, it was as big as the fan (that may be a little over exaggerated, but it was like 2cm big each way). I was about to scream, but thought that since Debra was sleeping that I wouldn't and act as a sensible, not afraid of anything adult. So I ran to the cupboard where, luckily the first week we went shopping stocked up on bug spray, and sprayed the intruder which then fell onto my bed and started running away so I sprayed it until it was white and couldn't move. I then ran into the kitchen again to get a jar in which to put my bug in. But it started running again so I sprayed it again until it stopped moving again and carefully, which hands shaking, put it into the jar. I quickly screwed on the lid and it was still moving and put it on the table for Debra to see in the morning, and just to make sure it wouldn't get out cellotaped the top on. I then went to bed in terror that it might have friends lurking in the corner. I couldn't get to sleep for ages though cause I started thinking abouts its friends, and then I started thinking that what if I hadn't of seen it and it fell on me in the middle of the night!!!!!!

Well have to go Dr Phil will be on shortly and then ready steady cook.

I hope I get a job soon.

Miss you all.

Looking forward to everyone visiting. So many exciting things to do.


Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Hi Everyone

I really have nothing remotely exciting to write about. This last week has been extremely boring.

Last Saturday night we did something that we would not normally do on a Saturday in Hamilton and went to the beach to watch a movie on the big screen. Sort of like the movie we watched at wet 'n' wild but at the beach. This time we were prepared though and brought blankets and warm clothes. We are also going there tonight to watch The Pacifier with Vin Diesel.

A basically the last couple of days I have been watching tv and watching my phone in case I get a call about a job. Finding a job hasn't been easy I have been to almost every recruitment agency in the gold coast and emailed every firm as well hopping that someone will have an opening. I have an interview today with a recruitment agency and hopefully something will come out of that.

We had another electrical thunder storm last night. That is two since we have been here, although last nights one was not as scary as the first.

The most exciting thing that has been happening is Home and Away. For all those fans out there who want to know what juicy things are happening keep reading and for those who don't don't.

I am a little confused at the moment what is really happening as there are new characters and people have left but will just fill you in on all the exciting stuff.

Amanda is going out with Scott. Amanda has just found out that Scott is the father of Hayley's baby. Amanda is in trouble with an old cast member called Josh and owes him $2 million dollars. Josh has come back and is quite evil and has made the mayor resign and is trying to become Mayor himself. Alf is also going to run for mayor. Just also found out from the TV that Amanda is ...... pregnant!!!!

Cassie and Rick kissed last week and are probally getting back together.

Matilda goes out with this new character called Lucas.

Irene hit Amanda with her car and is now being stalked by someone who trashed her house.

Dan and Leah cant have kids because of her operation at the beginning of the year.

Flynn has cancer and has only three months to live.

Hayley and Kim are getting married at the end of the week. But Scott tells Hayley right before the wedding that he loves her and who knows what will happen and when we will find out the truth about the baby. Also we have the new Hayley.

Beth might start going out with Lucas' dad Tony.

and I think that is about all for now.

I hope I get a job and something exciting happens soon. Keep sending me emails and letting me know what is going on to keep me entertained.


Saturday, 24 September 2005


Now, not only do we have to contend with Magpies during the day. Australia sprung another surprise on us last night and we saw BATS. Yes Bats. Those little black, nocturnal (for Alie) flying mammals that turn into VAMPIRES.

We were sitting, minding our own business, at the bus stop last night and saw about four fly around (luckily across the road). I was so scared. What if it bit me? What if I turned into a Vampire? I need to be some garlic!!!!!!!!

FOR ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE who think we are paranoid regarding magpies. Found these articles

A national survey has found that 90 per cent of males and 72 per cent of females have been attacked by a magpie at some time in their life!

"Being the target of a magpie’s ire is an inevitable part of growing up in Australia. Or is it? Certainly, when magpies pounce, they can do real damage. The Injury Surveillance Information System (ISIS) is a national collection of hospital emergency department attendance records. Their data shows that of 59 magpie attacks, the eye was the birds’ most common target."

"Being swooped by a magpie can be alarming, but it is mostly bluff, with the birds acting on a natural instinct to protect their young"

There are some simple and effective steps people can take to protect themselves."

Measures to help prevent magpie attacks include:
- Avoid known magpie nesting sites if possible or give them a wide berth;
- Wear a helmet or a firm, broad-brimmed hat to protect your head;
- Hold an open umbrella over your head to deter swooping birds;
- If on a bike, dismount and walk away quickly; and
- Do not provoke the birds.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Some pictures of pictures

Nothing really exciting has been happening lately. I am still unemployed and getting bored of day time television. Debra is at her second day of work in Brisbane and was up around 4.30 this morning.

These are some pictures from pictures that we have brought.

Monday, 19 September 2005

Settling into Aussie Life

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to go and use up our remaining days of our 3 park superpass so we went to Movieworld and saw Shrek in 4d. It was fantastic. It wasn't the full Shrek movie just a 30 minute extra segment they made up. 4d is great, it likes you can touch the screen the pictures are so vivid, they also had moving seats and water so you felt like you were right there. We then ventured over to Wet 'n' Wild. Wet 'n' wild is about a 10 minute walk from Movieworld, and if you can recall, we had to pass the scene of the original Magpie Attack!!!!!! This time we decided to walk as close to the road as possible, not walk under any trees, we weren't going to take any chances as we were walking at a reasonably fast pace, chatting away, right near the roadside, we saw this magpie and it started swooping towards us. We started running for our lives and it just kept following us, I was running but couldn't run very fast cause I was trying not to laugh, or fall over and had a bag on top of my head trying to keep an eye on the magpie as well. I have NEVER been so scared of a bird (and for my life) ever, if I hadn't of been laughing I think I would have burst into tears. Its terrifying!!!!!!! After about 2 minutes (which seemed like forever) it stopped following us and we managed to make it to Wet 'n' Wild safely. Although every bird we saw, we started flinching.

We watched Herbie Fully Loaded at Wet 'n' Wild. I recommend it, its really funny.

On Sunday we decided to get some shopping and new stuff for our house. We walked into Australia Fair, which is just down the road, and went to Wolleys (Woolworths for the non Aussie people out there). We had just walked out of the supermaket with our shopping trolley (its weird in Australia there are shopping trolleys everywhere, people just take them home and its OK, but there are so hard to control never go in a straight line). Anyway, we were walking to the bus stop but the bus was already there so we started running with our out of control trolley but decided we wouldn't make it to that stop so tried for the next stop, so here we are running down the street, in inappropriate shoes, dodging road works on the footpath, Debra pushing the trolley we trying to keep it in a straight line trying to make it to the next bus stop before the bus. You will be pleased to here that we did manage to get to the bus stop pack our 8 bags of groceries onto our arms with the loo paper under Debra's arm and make it onto the bus in time and get off about two stops down the road.

Today, Debra started her new job in Brisbane she had to get up around 5.30 in order to catch the bus to the train station and then catch a train into Brisbane. I however, are still looking for a job and should be applying on seek this very moment. So will say goodbye.

I have also updated my photo gallery and put some photos with previous posts. Check it out.


Saturday, 17 September 2005


I am starting this post again as my last one just crashed and exited me out. How annoying, I had almost finished.

Nothing really exciting has happended in the last couple of days. To be honest, we have spent most of our time shopping still. Not as bad as Pacific Fair (as we are kinda running out of money) but up there.

We moved into our house today, which is good in the fact that we moved out of the caravan (which we were getting quite fond of) but bad as we had already paid for two nights in a beach batch at the park that we probally won't get refunds for.

I will tell you about our house ..
Its looks like Nana's place you walk in and all the rooms has this fantastic brown paint (which we get painted white shorlty) imagine pictures on the walls of a forest path, a couple of coffe tables with those little table cloth things and coasters, a brown side board full of sherry glasses, a kitchen full of 1960's plates and cups. The house has two bedrooms one with a double bed and bedspread and the other with two single beds and green bedspreads. I have the one with the single beds, when we get paid we will hire a bigger bed. I will take some pictures and put them on. But it a house and we dont really need to get much for it. There is heaps of room for guests to come and stay.
This is the outside. With
all of our washing. We hadn't done it for over a week!

You may post all cards, letters, pictures, postcards, presents, etc to

Toni O'Neill

Southport 4215
Gold Coast

The weather is good today and we are going out to Movie World again to seek the Shrek 3d or maybe 4d show and then go over to Wet 'n' Wild (not walking under any trees as not to be attacked by magpies) to watch the big screen and watch Herbie Fully Loaded.

We came over here thinking that the weather would be good, hot and basically fantastic. Most days have been hot but we have had our share of wild weather and we have only been here two weeks. Last night we had a wind storm. The wind was so strong and the rain so hard that we couldn't hear the television. Here we were in our tin caravan going "What have we got ourselves into". We made it our alive though and survived. The wind is still here today, not so strong but quite cold.

Anyways better go as we have to get some things for our house and then out to the parks.

Sorry no pictures today.

Take care

Love Toni

Thursday, 15 September 2005


This is me and some Kangaroos at dreamworld.

It has been a few days since I have written in here, have been pretty busy with job and house hunting. I shall start from where I left off on Sunday.

We are still living in the horrible caravan. It has become quite homely and our junk is everywhere. We cleaned the shower with jif and a scrubbing brush and now I don't feel that I have to wear shoes and avoid the sides at all costs. As we were lying in our beds on Sunday night we got woken up by the sound of THUNDER yes THUNDER and then lighting. We were in a tin caravan and we have a massive electrical, rain and thunder storm after about five minutes listening to it. A bit crash of thunder hit, I yelled I was scared Debra was to so we jumped on the big bed (in our sleeping bags!!!) and hid and laid there until it had gone. It was very scary we thought we going to be hit by lighting and electrocuted!!

By Monday morning it was over. We got our rental car on Monday. We got it from the airport which is a bit of a pain thought. An hour and a bit over there on the bus. But the car was fantastic and worth it. Very flash, air condition and a button on the key for the locks. It had the handbrake on the floor though which is a bit weird. So on Monday we just went on some interviews and stuff.

On Tuesday morning we woke up early to go on our road trip to the Sunshine Coast to go and see ..... STEVE IRWIN THE CROCODILE HUNTER as Australia Zoo. The zoo was great and Steve was even there and did the crocodile show. We had a good day. Have some photos but this computer doesn't have xp so cant download them yet.

Yesterday we still had the rental car and drove around looking for apartments. We finally found one. It is a fully furnished duplex kind of thing. By fully furnished to mean everything. It looks like Grandma's house. It like Grandma has just moved into a nursing home and they are renting it out as it. We have applied for it and hopefully we will find out today whether we get it. It is in a great location and right across the road from a cheesecake shop.

We had to take our car back today which is sad and are back to pounding the pavement. We told everyone that Australia will make us skinny. It has made us skinny as such, but we definely are losing a few dress sizes since we have been here from all our walking!!!

The gold coast is mad with road works at the moment. IN October they host the Indy 5000?? Or something. So everyone is putting up stadiums for people to sit it. Should be quite fun but quite busy I can imagine. The weather has been relatively good here (besides from the storm). We have been going out in skirts and singlets most days. We had another Magpie incident. You will have to see Debra's site for that story. I wasn't there but sounded pretty scary.
I will put some more pictures (hopefully) in my gallery.
Love Toni