Friday, 31 October 2008


We had all been invited over to Nicola's toot toot crew's Halloween party, and there were suggestions that singstar might make an appearance so I was totally there.

I headed over to Hayley's after work on Friday and we all dressed up in our wacky costumes (some more wacky that others!) and after a few (deadly) drinks headed off down the road.

We bowled on up into the decorated house and started partying with all the other dresser upperra's. At about 10.30 we had run out of booze (a whole bottle of peach snapps and half a bottle of vodka already down the hatch) and missioned it to Tesco, with a few photo ops on the way (and we may have accidentally set off someones motorcycle alarm). Once at Tesco's we realised we didn't bring ID, crap 26 (well some of us) and still need to think about ID, luckily with my smooth talking skills (that is what I like to think persuaded the guy) we managed to purchase our bottle of vodka and head back to the party and continue our night.

After a couple of hours people started dropping off, first Tim and Louisa and then Hayley and Niki (Hayley was already chucking her guts up) but since I can totally handle my alcohol(!) I kept on partying. Now here is where it gets a bit fuzzy, at about, lets say, 2amish I thought it was time I left the party so I bolted out the door onto the high street and couple of minutes later I am outside Hayley's door taking in the fresh air and wishing I hadn't let Hayley pour my drinks all night (she is lethal!). Once feeling, lets say, not like I wanted to throw up anymore, I open the back door and blank, I don't remember what happens after then (and I always remember, ask anyone!!). It isn't until 6am I hear "Toni, Toni, wake up, you are in the bath, they are gone, come and sleep on the couch". What the??? How did I get in the bath? Why was I in the bath? I have no memory of anything after opening the back door! Hmmmm ... so I climbed out of the bath, took my contacts out and resumed my sleeping on the couch. Luckily, I didn't wake up with a hangover unlike some other people who could hardly move on Saturday.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow in London

At about 10.00pm tonight it started snowing. I was sitting in the lounge chatting when someone and they said, "hey, whats that outside? It looks like ..." "SNOW" someone yelped and everyone fought to get out of the lounge to have a look. It was amazing! The first time I had ever seen it snow before and I never even knew it actually snowed so close to London city. It was so pretty and unexpected. A nice little surprise.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Imperial War Museum

Today me and Niki decided to do an outing to the Imperial War Museum. I was particularly interested to go as they have a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Holocaust.

The war museum is huge and has many different floor and themes. We were only there for a couple of hours but could of easily spent much more time there. I particularly like the Holocaust exhibition which had lots of stories, photos, memorabilia and the exhibition of a World War trench where you could actually walk though a make shift trench and see how the soldiers would have lived in the trench.

I would recommend it, if you are interested in the World Wars or the Holocaust and a bonus, its free!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Dancing in Clapham

On Saturday night Hayley and I decided to get gussied up and go dancing. We were originally going to go into the city to a 90's club but lack of recruits meant that instead we headed into Clapham which was more closer to home.

We decided to head to a vodka bar that Hayley had been to before and thought was really good. On our way from the tube, we accidentally went the wrong way which meant that we ended up there after 11pm and had to pay the £5.00 entry, doh! Once in we headed upstairs to the loo and coat check and then decided that shots were in order. We got six different shots of some different types of vodka and then headed downstairs to dance. Unfortunately, the music was shite so I thought maybe a pitcher might pick us up, I downed half of that in about 20 minutes and tried to dance but, honestly, the music was crap some house shite that had annoying repetitive beats so we decided to get outta there and find some quality beats.

My two "short" friends --->

As we were walking down the street the "Cazabar" were playing rocking tunes and we decided to go in. We were warned at the door that is was a gay bar but as we could see no necking going on decided to head in. We pretty much stayed in the corner and danced until it closed.

As we were all enthusiastic (shots and a pitchers will have that effect) we kept on looking for somewhere else to go. We headed into another bar and had an awesome time dancing to heaps of totally danceable songs, meeting foreign boys and staying out past our bedtime (we are still young!!).

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Josh Harnett is hot!! Tonight was the much anticipated viewing of the stage show "Rainman" with Josh Harnett a real life Hollywood actor and ever so cute (especially in Pearl Harbour – insert picture) so the chicks (and Tim) headed to Apollo Theatre in Leicester Square. We were at the back, very high up but still head a reasonable view, gutted I didn't bring binoculars though!

When Hayley first mentioned it, I had never seen "Rainman" before so I watched it on DVD a couple of weeks ago so that I knew what it would be about. The play was really good, Josh was hot (he even got his shirt off) and the person who played Raymond was fantastic.. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo when he came out for his bows but now I can say I have see Josh Harnett in real life!

Famous people I have seen in London

  • The Queen

  • Josh Harnett

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Church

Today was the much anticipated (and planned) day at the Church. I was still suffering from severe never ending European cold but still managed to get it together on the day.

Our theme of the day was wearing all of one colour, being crayons in a box. Of course, mine was pink, unfortunately I couldn't find pink tights but highlighter pink leg warmers did the job.

At 9amish we hightailed it up to Tim and Louisa's (which meant we actually go there around 10ish) for a champagne breakfast with scrummy food, Asti (wine haters wine!) and some yager shots. We then missioned it down to Kentish Town and into the Church - only open Sunday afternoons from 12 - 4pm, mostly frequented by Antipodeans - for some afternoon drinking. We had such a great time, dancing, singing, drinking, posing (some more than others Louisa!!).

When the church closed at 4.00pm we headed to "She Bu" for those who aren't up with the lingo (Shepherds Bush Walkabout). After a boring hour on the tube we made it to She Bu before our alcohol buzz wore off. Shepherds Bush Walkabout is a pub that is aimed at the OZ/Kiwi market so as soon as we walked in the door we headed to the mince pie stand and munched into some pastry goodness (thanks Tim!). We then headed to the dance floor and danced and sang to, oh I dunno, 8.30pm (early drinking is great). At that time my European flu was bringing me down so I left the others and made the trek (the long way) home on the tube, de-colourised and went to bed.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


About four months ago I purchased tickets for the gang to go and see a Shakespeare Play at the Shakespeare Globe and the time had finally come around. So all bundled up in our winter woollies and a supply of tissues (I felt like death (sick again, remember, could feel it coming on from Amsterdam!) but I wasn't waiting another four months) and tubed it to the Globe.

After meeting up with the crew we took our £15 seats (they were a bit obstructed) but at least we weren't standing like some other unfortunates in the rain (their tickets were only £5 - yes Zac I was one of the "suckers sitting behind"). The play was Midsummer's Nights Dream. I studied this in third form .. and can tell you I remembered nothing about it (only what I learnt from that movie that has Kirsten Dunst is in and they turn it into a musical) anywho, after the first half Louisa went and brought the programme which was super handy as it explained the plot and we could understood the second half which made it totally more enjoyable and rather funny. I had a pretty good time and would recommend it - my tip would be to make sure you know what the story is about first!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1 October 2008

1 October 2008
FOUR COUNTRIES IN ONE DAY - try doing that at home!!

Amsterdam, Netherlands to Brugge, Belgium, to Calais, France to London, England

Today was our last day on tour. We packed up, said goodbye to Amsterdam and headed to Brugge for some Belgium waffles and chocolate and then onto the ferry to Dover. The bus ride was quiet and we were all reflecting on what a fantastic time we head. That night I stayed in the hostel with some of the others and to say a last goodbye.

I had such a great time on my holiday and would totally recommend it to everyone.

Most of the people on my tour - Rome

- Skydiving in Switzerland
- Going up Jungfrau in Switzerland
- Drinking giant daiquiris in Florence
- Venice - everything
- Partying in Amsterdam

- Being sick - all the time (but it happens with every tour)
- Manky boat sailing
- Food in some places

The pro's totally outweigh the negatives though and am saving hard for my next adventures - which I am sure you are totally amped to hear about.