Saturday, 22 March 2008


Hey everyone!

Just a blog to let you know that I brought the pink camera. Its sooo pretty!!

I just love it, I thought my old camera was ok, it worked fine, just a little on the heavy side. Well this one is fabtabulous!!! It has so many more features (besides the wonderful obviousness, its pink, water and shock proof), my favourites include:

-A light. When you turn the camera off you press this button it gives you 90 seconds of light. Its very handy!

-A clock. Also when the camera is off you can press a button and the clock will come on I think it also has an alarm.

-Very cool panoramic setting which combines the picture on the camera.

- Auction setting. Takes three pictures of something in a size suitable for online auctions (ie trademe) and you can choose the best one.

- A bazillion different settings - portrait, fireworks, sand a snow, underwater moving, underwater still, macro and many more.

Document Setting

Landscape Setting

Macro setting

Night time
Self Portrait

I even tried it under water today. Unfortunately the sink doesn't really hold that much water and I wasn't able to get any good shots but might try in a pool sometime. Here are some pictures.

Picture of Zac when I was talking to him on webcam


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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

All booked!!

Hey guys

Just wanted to let you know... I booked my tickets!!

Yip, I leave Brisbane on 21 April and arrive at Heathrow airport on 22 April 2008 to start my two year working visa adventure!! Woo hoo, can't wait!

Toni xoxox :)

Friday, 14 March 2008


Yah, my passport and visa arrived today.
Woo hoo.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Your application has been approved and the visa has been issued. Your passport and visa should be depatched within the next 2 working days.