Thursday, 30 August 2007


25 - 26 August 2007

This weekend we decided to head up to Brisbane and see what the big city offered as this was Darryl’s last weekend in Australia before he headed back to New Zealand to finish doing his studying which he can’t do here (sob sob).

The big city didn’t really have much to offer. We couldn’t go to bowling because it was too busy, we couldn’t find the main dining area and the casino was way too packed!!!!!! We did however get to dress up which is fun.

On Sunday we headed out to the markets and myself and Dustin got caricatures drawn of ourselves and then headed back to the coast. Brisbane isn’t really like the other big cities, in that there is not a lot of entertainment or excitement.
The Gold Coast is way better.

See the photo gallery for more pics.


Monday, 27 August 2007

Poker, Bingo and Pokies

22 August 2007

On Wednesday me and Darryl usually head out to the Southport Workers Club to play Bingo (yeah I know, boring out couple!). We usually have a pretty good run, where one of us usually wins something, except for the last couple of weeks, so instead decided to play the free Texas Hold Em Poker they have there and Dustin and Nic were going to join us. We found out that we couldn’t all sit at the same table so me and Nic decided to head into bingo and the boys played.

The boys had a good night playing the poker and it was free to bet “100’s and 1000’s of dollars”! We did alright in the bingo room with Nicola and me both winning a line prize and me winning a $20 voucher for the club.

So as we always do in the break, we headed to the “pokies room” (gambling addict anyone!) and tried our luck on the pokies. During the bingo break if you win over $1.00 on the pokies they give you a raffle for a chicken (we have won this a few times) so I was trying my luck and losing terribly. Nicola was doing ok, so as I was waiting for her she gave me a few more bucks of her winnings to put into the machine and so I did and I WON the major jackpot $298.00 woo hoo!!! I think I have a career in this gambling business!!

Ekka 2007

10 August 2007

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early to catch the train to Brisbane for Ekka 2007. The Ekka is the big Brisbane show. It goes for 10 days. We spent a bit of time going around the exhibits and a lot of time in the “taste testing tent”. I got a free spine examination and found out that my spine is “extremely” out of whack and may be the reason I am so damm clumsy! I brought a spinal assessment for $45.00 (normally $250.00) and get it checked out tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we decided to head over to the “fun” side. We didn’t end up going on any rides as they were quite expensive and we are taking my sister (who is moving back to the GC on 3 September) to Dreamworld in a couple of weeks. We did however try our luck on the side shows and it payed off. I WON!!! I played a game that I thought would get me a giant carebear if I won unfortunately they were all out so I received a giant dog. These toys must have been 1 metre high. Who can say that have ever won soft toy that big on side shows before. I still really wanted a carebear and was somewhat disappointed with my dog and then Darryl and my sister walked up to this random person with a purple carebear and asked to swap. He said yes and so I got my carebear. My sister thought that she would also try her luck on another game and she won also, taking home a giant pink unicorn thingee.

It was a pretty good day and am stoked with my giant carebear and i think someone got tuckered out! ;)


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Something to tide you over until I write a proper update

You know you are a kiwi when ...

* you get angry if someone tells you to cook them some eggs...
* you know its not a sweet potatoe but good ole kumara.
* You’ve lost at least one filling to a K-Bar
* You know that ‘thongs’ go on a girl’s bum – ‘jandals’ go on your feet
* The difference between your winter and summer uniforms at primary school was a jersey.
* You wouldn’t touch Steinlager with a 10 foot pole
* The sound of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ makes you feel physically sick
* You got fish ‘n’ chips for lunch at school on a Friday
* The underwear you put on depends on which rugby team is playing that day
* You get excited when you walk into a 7-11 overseas and see L & P
* The America’s Cup results interest you.
* You know that “the big taste always gets through!”
* Any sport is interesting to you when we beat Australia at it
* The temperature hits 20 degrees C and you have to strip down to your undies and sit under a tree in the backyard
* You know for sure that Rachel Hunter is the hottest woman in the world
* The thought of sitting on the toilet in winter makes you cry
* You’ve trodden on a cowpat in bare feet
* You’ve referred to an accident as a “Minties moment”
* You know what a ‘Perky Nana’ is.
* You can say 'Yes, I shag sheep' with a straight face.
* You can swim (really big in Europe)
* You don't trust any sunblock under SPF20
* You can say 'Mate' with just the right accent!
* You played rugby at least once in school.
* You know that the only way to get out of PE is to have a limb in plaster(preferably the leg)
* You'd kill for a frozen buzz bar and a DB on a hot day.
* You can say Whakatane without thinking it's a swear word.
* You miss earthquakes.
* You get excited when you see anything remotely sheep-ish!
* You can take the lid of a beer bottle with a fish slice
* You had a pet lamb/calf, and attended your schools Lamb and Calf Day.
* You miss going to A&P shows
* Hotdogs come on a stick, with crunchy batter and heaps of tomato sauce.
* Watties is the king of all tomato sauce.
* You know what scroggin is and would never go tramping/camping without it.


Friday, 10 August 2007


Just wanted to write a rave about Singstar 90's.


Its the coolest one to come out since singstar 80's.

Can't wait to come back and play it with everyone.


Thursday, 9 August 2007

My last couple of weeks

Hey Everyone

Sorry I haven't updated my site in a while, that is because nothing overally exciting has been happening lately, but incase you care about the mundane parts of my life I have given a summary of what I have been doing:

- Went to Wet 'n' Wild - Bloody Freezing!!! - they had nice warm spa's though (think pretty much the only "hot" pools on the gold coast)

- Hung out with Dustin and Nic and played poker and singstar, they also let us spend a room in their resort and had a bubble bath spa!

- Had to fork out another $140.00 on my car as the exhaust pipe (the actual long thing on your exhaust) feel off and it sounded like a truck

- Started playing netball again after over a year, goes well for about the first half and then ankle gets sore because concrete is too hard, hoping that this problem will stop soon :p

- Went to casino on Friday night and won $185.00 on craps table, woo hoo, hoping to repeat winnings this Friday night as rent has increased

- Watched The Simpsons movie, wasn't my kinda thing and I personally didn't find it that funny, but Darryl and Sara cracked up.

- Read the new Harry Potter book. It was great!!! Except thought the ending was dumb. What did you think?

- Did a new quiz on Bebo
Toni’s Bebo - go and do it!!

- Joined Face Book - apparently this is the new big thing, I don’t really like it as its quite confusing, but I have my own aquarium

- My sister moves back to the Gold Coast on 3 September

- New Singstar 90’s is coming out

And that’s pretty much a summary of the highlights of my life to date

Exciting events that might happen and could be interesting

- Going to Ekka 2007 on Saturday

- Going to Brisbane for a dress up flash weekend and gambling

Until those events materialise, drop me a line and let me know what you are doing or at least let me know if you still read my blog!