Monday, 27 March 2006

Home and Away Update

Have had a specific request for a Home and Away update so here you are

Helpmann continues to bully and harass poor Rachel – and Kim wants to kill the guy!

Beth and Irene throw an engagement party for Tasha and Robbie, but it turns into a wedding party! Robbie’s secretly arranged it all – Tasha arrives in a boat, looking ravishing and a celebrant is there to perform the ceremony. Rose petals shower the happy couple.

Belle is causing trouble: she’s a terrible flirt…who will she go for next?

After fainting at the wedding party, Tasha is pregnant! It seems Jonah’s the father. Robbie heads off to the jail to confront Jonah and learns from Charity that Josh West paid off people in ‘high places’ to protect The Believers. So he’s responsible for Tasha’s predicament!

Rachel decides she can’t live without Kim. She’ll go to the Board and report Helpman’s harassment and hostility to her. Despite having saved the life of Helpman’s son from drowning, he is still out to get revenge on Rachel.
Rachel is suspended for breach of conduct for being with a patient.

Robbie and Tasha have some tortuous moments – Tasha doesn’t know if she can go through with the pregnancy. Robbie promises to be by her side, whether she has the baby or not. Tasha has decided to keep the baby.

Josh gets some hate mail: ‘You are dead! Is this from Amanda?

Sally finds the tickets she’d bought for Flynn to go to Italy. She puts the spare ticket into the a order book which she thinks is Leah's. Colleen comes in beaming about the trip…she’d love to go!

Irene invites Belle to stay long term and tells her she’s helped lots of kids out in times of need. Belle shows Irene the photo of the woman she is looking for: her real mum.

Josh makes a subtle threat to Amanda about Ryan. Later that day a brick flies through the window, dangerously close to Ryan. Amanda is rattled. When a car almost swipes Amanda and Ryan off the road, Amanda decides to get protection: she buys a gun.

After Josh’s heavies threaten her, Amanda marches into Josh’s office armed with a gun and tells him never to mess with her again! Josh undermines her bravado and she drops the gun.

Sally, Colleen and baby Pippa head to Italy!!

Amanda tells Beth she wants out of Project 56, but there’s no way out.

As Josh looks over his stolen files, there’s a knock at the door. The dead body of Josh West is left lying on the floor.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

The Ball

Pam, Debra and Myself decided to get dressed up and head to the D & D Ball at Dreamworld. It was a good excuse to get dressed up and pampered. So at 2.30 we headed down to the hairdressers and after two hours and two glasses of champagne each our hair was ready to go and we all looked stunning.

The ball was pretty average and not what we expected. There were thousands of people there and the lines to get drinks and toilets were a nightmare. The Rogue Traders were cool, Natalie is my friend, ok well I kind of saw the back of her first she kind of looked my way and I bet she smiled but they didn’t play for long.

We then proceeded to a club in Surfers and then the usual hunt for a pie at about 3.00am.

We were glad to get home at 4am and rest our feet, cause you try walking around Dreamworld in high heels.

Overall the night was alright and it was good to catch up with Pam.
Have put some more pictures in my photo gallery

Monday, 20 March 2006

Exciting News

Exciting New Everyone

I just found out ...

That singstar are bring out a new CD.

Singstar Rocks and it comes out in April 2006

Flat out like a lizard drinking

Aussie Slang

Debra, Pam and myself were introduced to some new aussie slang this weekend. Such words included Franger, too easy, pingers and dead horse.

Franger – the Aussie term of this amused us somewhat. We were belting this word out like no one was listening and was reminded on more than one occasion by Pam that although we think this word is funny and we don’t know what it is, the rest of Australia does in fact and know when ones says Franger they are actually talking about a condom!

Too Easy – means cool or good.

Dead Horse – this is an odd one but dead horse actually means tomato sauce.

I tested these words out with the girls at work and in fact the meanings we were told were correct. One of the girls referred me to the Aussie slang website where I had a blast finding more Aussie slang and sayings.

Some of my favourites are

flat out like a lizard drinking
- extremely busy and under pressure from work.

a bit more choke and you would have started
- a statement said to somebody who has just passed wind in public rather loudly.

a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock
- someone who is mentally 'not quite there, also picnic short of a sandwich , lights are on but nobody is home, etc.

ridgie didge
- genuine, the real thing.

fed up to the back teeth
- use to signify someone is disgusted and/or has lost patience with someone/something/a situation.


Friday, 17 March 2006

Home and Away update

Well, can't really be bothered remembering and typing about Home and Away so found this summary on the Home and Away website
What Happened from March 6 to March 10 (Episodes 4136-4140)
Robbie is the one who switched off Grahame’s life support! The Hunter family is under suspicion and all are interrogated at the station by Jack and Peter

Beth is devastated to think that Tony would suspect her of turning off the life support. The stress on the family is intolerable. Matilda is comforted by Lucas as Robbie watches on, feeling so bad.

The ‘grieving’ widow Amanda is dressed for the funeral and has prepared for the wake to be held in her apartment. At the graveside, Robbie is haunted by the thought of what he has done. Can he forgive himself?

Beth’s wake for her father is interrupted by Amanda appearing, carrying a picture of Graham. All show their contempt for Amanda and she is promptly thrown out of the house by Beth.
Tony and Beth have a heart to heart and Beth admits to Tony she did have the thought about turning off the life support, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Tony comforts her as she sobs in his arms.

The Hunter family is outraged at the reading of Graham’s will. Amanda has done something tricky again!.

Tasha finds Robbie on the beach, overcome with grief, guilt and anger. Now Amanda has all of grandpa’s money anyway! Later Robbie meets Josh and accuses him of being behind it all.
Tony appeals to Amanda to understand how Beth feels at the loss of her father and the meaning of Graham’s war medals to her. She relents and has the medals sent to Beth in an unmarked package.

Leah and Dan acknowledge the breakdown of their marriage. Leah tells Irene there have been so many issues : the gambling, Dan’s lies, her feelings for Peter and the death of the baby.
Jack catches out Peter when he finds him lying again. Now he is even more suspicious…
When Dr Helpman moves in on Rachel again, she is adamant she’s not interested and tells him to stop. Later that day Rachel learns she didn’t get a good recommendation from Dr Helpman. The award has gone to someone else…

Colleen puts her foot in it again when she mentions Dan’s gambling problems were the cause of their marriage break up.

Kim is furious when Rachel tells him about Dr Helpman and the bad assessment he gave her. He urges her to report him to the hospital CEO. She is reluctant, fearing it will make matters worse. Rachel gives Kim a hug before they part. Hyde confronts Kim and reminds him that Rachel’s career is at stake…

When Jack investigates for himself what Peter is up to, he’s knocked out cold and Peter is seen holding an iron bar in his hand…
Debra, Pam and I are going to the dandd ball at dreamworld on Saturday night.
so hopefully will have some cool pictures of us all glammed up and some funny stories to share.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and keep me posted.

Monday, 13 March 2006

The weekend

Sorry haven’t written an update in a while work is so busy at the moment, but have taken a few minutes out to write my update.

Friday at work was a total write off, one of the other girls at work (there are only six of us) got engaged as well, so she spent all Friday so hypo she managed to distract us all and I found gummy bears strategically placed around my room. I managed to get the most urgent things done and then as soon as five rolled around had a drink in my hand for Friday night drinks. After drinks at work Kevin and Tobi came around and we kept drinking. At about 3.00am I got to bed only to wake up at 7.00am as I had to clean my room, as Nicky was coming to stay for a night before going to Yamba, pack my gear and then head to the hairdressers at 10am. I got a cut, shampoo, blow dry and straighten all for $45.00 and had nice straight hair for the engagement party. I love having straight hair as it’s easy to manage but the pain that you go through!

At 1.20 Orlena came to pick me up and we started on our merry way to the Sunshine Coast after two and a half hours we made it up there (am sure Orlena was glad after me chewing her ear off the hole ride). I also got a free drink, from a Maori lady at a cafĂ© because didn’t have enough for both drinks I wanted and had my NZ t-shirt on, 1 for the kiwi!! Our boss had paid for our accommodation and we proceeded to go and check it out with our bottles of booze. The room was really nice it was a motel with a mini bar and shampoo and stuff. It was really nice.

At 6.30 we were all dressed up and ready to go, I wore a dress I didn’t take any pictures but will see what I can get from Sian. The party was good, most of the girls were wearing dresses and the food and cake was fantastic. At about 10.30 the other girls wanted to go so Laura, her boyfriend Adam, and myself took Adams car into town and went back to the motel to wait for the other girls who were getting a taxi. They turned up 40 minutes later and decided to nana out, they were the ones who wanted to leave!! We didn’t let this damper our sprits and endeavored to find a place to dance, we found this little club and had a drink and asked around for somewhere to go. Struck up a conversation with some guy for New Zealand (a lady at work reckons I can sniff them out) and were told they was this nice little club down the road. We went down there and it was really cool, Laura and me danced like no one was watching and had a really good night until that was I realised that Laura had been gone for a while, I did the walk around the club but couldn’t find her and decided to keep dancing I then thought, hmmmm where had she gone I had no money, no phone and no key to the room. I then thought oh she had gone (later found out that she got kicked out by the bouncer for being too intoxicated) and proceeded to find my way back to the motel. Lucky I am a smart cookie and I managed to find it alright. I then realised that I couldn’t get in without the key I managed to call reception but they told me to call my room, I then tried but couldn’t work it out, so I decided hmm, that security gate doesn’t look that high (it was about 2 meters, I was in heels and there were fountains). I decided I couldn’t scale the fence but the pillar I could climb onto and then lower myself down and that I did. It would have been funny thought this drunken chick in dress and high heels scaling so fence, also good security!!

I then proceeded to the room and saw that the balcony doors were open, I didn’t even think to knock on the door but decided that I should scale another wall (only about 1.5 metres this time). I couldn’t get my legs over so ended up got hand first onto the ground, I managed to be so quiet didn’t wake the person sleeping in the lounge room. I then went into the room and told Orlena all about my experiences got changed and then tried to go to sleep. You don’t realize how much you have drunk until you lie down and the room is spinning, after a quick visit to the toilet I managed to squash in another 5 hours sleeps, which brought my total for the weekend to around 10 and woke up on Sunday morning bright as ever but bruises to complement my adventure. After a nice soak in the bath, ahhhh haven’t had one of them in a while, we headed back to the gold coast with me trying to sleep on the way.

Had a really good weekend and hope next is just as good, if anything, a little less eventful.

Stay turned will post a home and away update shortly, its getting really good.


Friday, 3 March 2006

Its raining, its pouring

For the last week it has been pretty much raining non-stop and it is cold. I have had to put on more blankets and even socks! I did however, get a nice pair from my sister for christmas which I can now say I have a use for. Where has the nice Gold Coast weather gone, it kind of reminds me of home though. But means I can't walk to work and have to get rides all the time which is annoying.
This week has basically been spent with netball, work and french lessons. Our french tutor said that we are getting really good and are even sounding french now. It is also becoming easier as we are starting to recognise words and sounds and how to write them.
Je suis secretaire et je travailler dans un bearu
I am a secretary and I work in an office
Home and Away
Tasha and Jonah were lead down to the river by the beleivers for the purification ceremony. But Tasha started quoting the number tatttoed on her foot and saying they should listen to her because she is the chosen one. But then the police turned up and saved them although Mumma Rose got a away. What do the numbers mean? Is Tasha pregnant? What will happen between her and Robbie now?
Dan and Leah
Leah and Dan were having a fight about Leah kissing Peter. Leah collapsed on the floor and was rushed to hospital were she disagnosed with phenoniminal. They went to do an ultra sound to check out the baby and it died about a week ago. Leah and Dan are really upset at the moment. Will their marraige surive?
Peter has been acting weird since he has been back in bay, taking pictures of Leah and we saw him with files for most of the summer bay residents. Jack overhead him on the phone saying to someone he wants out. What is Peter up to? Why is he back in the bay? Does it have something to do with Zoe?
This weeks is Alf's trial. Didn't watch it last night so not sure what is going to happen but think he goes to jail. Watch this space.