Saturday, 20 February 2010

Good Vibrations 2010

I saw various ad's for the Good Vibrations Festival all over the Gold Coast and as there were a few bands I liked the sound of I decided to buy a ticket and have my music festival virginity taken away.

As the weeks crept closer I went onto the Good Vibrations site and had a look at all the artists. I am useless when it comes to matching songs and singers so I thought that I would youtube all the artists and listen to a couple of their songs. I got more and more excited as I kept on going cause I actually knew a lot of them.

- Killers
- Basement Jaxx

- Gossip

- Busta Rhymes
- Salt-n-Pepa
Gold coast page - Good Vibrations Festival

The day finally came around and what a fantastic day for it. The weather was good but a little overcast so wasn't so hot.
After a few drinks at a friends house we walked around finding a taxi to take us there. Once we mish mashed ourselves inside the venue and after purchasing drinks tickets we were ready. We ping ponged from a lot of the various music and drink tents listening to the artists that took our fancy. There was one big downpour during the night, fortunately it was when I decided to go to the toilet and as it was a quick shower I didn't get wet.

Killers were the big act of the night and they didn't disappoint.

Unfortunately, because I am an idiot (this has happened before) I brought my fully charged camera to the festival but I didn't bring my memory stick so I only took a few photos.

I had a good time at the festival but at $145.00 probably won't be going to another one any time soon.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sara's 24th Birthday

Its was Sara's birthday this week so we decided to go out into Surfers Paradise to celebrate.
The night started with free drinks at Bedroom nightclub. The Bedroom nightclub is where Ms Coutts-ma-loots works. For your birthday you can bring at least 10 friends into the nightclub with free entry and free drinks from 8-10 and the birthday person gets free fishbowls from 8-12! How good is that?! Making the most of the free drinks
So thats what we did. The Bedroom isn't really for me and I was the oldest one there but was good to hang out with the sisters and see what I am not missing by not going to this club on a Saturday night!

Oh how we all look alike!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Me again!

You will all remember this picture from my blog - TNT - where Debra took my picture at La Tomatina and I sent it into TNT magazine where I won free tickets to Stonehenge and Bath.

Well not only did it get featured in TNT magzine its also a picture on the banner on their site - click here!

PS - this might be more exciting for me rather than the readers of my blog!