Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nights out in the Goldie

Tracey, the blonde girl above whom I met in London and now lives on the Goldie, was going out for a few drinks with some friends from Brisbane (she used to live in Brisbane) I tagged along and had a good night out in Surfers but ... man oh man ... some of the worst blisters ever!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

What a mish!

Wow, what a mission.

It may not look like a lot to you, and its a bit of a mess with the formatting and fonts which is really annoying because I spent ages trying to fix them, but that post took ages, especially since it had lots of pictures.

It may be boring to you but I like to write the history as well so I remember what I have learn. This blog is as much a diary for me as well as something fun for you to read thats why I spend a while trying to get it right!

Now onwards and upwards to my tales back in the Southern Hemisphere!

Stay tuned they should be much easier and faster to blog.

Hope you all still enjoy reading my blog. I am loving the new bloggers, Tim and Louisa and Debra's commitment to their blogs. Keep it up!!

Love Toni