Thursday, 27 April 2006

Anyone coming over

Just wondering if anyone is coming from New Zealand to the Gold Coast and/or anywhere in Australia in the next wee while. The reason being is that I am buying a laptop from my friend in New Zealand and want to bring it over to Australia without having to post it if I can. So if you are drop me a line and let me know.
Also, just wanted to let you know that I have put some new pictures up in my photo gallery.


Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Anzac Day

Yesterday was Anzac Day and although I didn't manage to get up for the parades I watch the parades on the news and some of an Anzac Day movie.

What I found really strange and what brought me back to the fact that I am not in New Zealand anymore is that in Australia they don't wear poppies on Anzac Day. I have been told that later on in the year they celebrate a day called Rememberance Day and that is when they have the poppies.


Over the weekend Nicky (Challies) came to stay for a few days. It was nice to catch up and spend some time with a fellow kiwi living in Australia. On Saturday we hung out at the beaach and on Sunday we went to Wet 'n' Wild to check out the new slides. Why is it that every time we go (ok twice) the days haven’t been that warm and we stand around with goosebumps. The new black whole ride was awesome and really scary. Imagine you are going down a slide in the pitch black and that’s the black whole. What is really annoying about some of the rides though is that you need at least two riders! So don’t go to Wet ‘n’ Wild by yourself you can’t go on half of them.


Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Too much chocolate

I never thought I would hear myself saying this but I have eaten way too much chocolate. I think I ate at least one egg/bunny each day of Easter!! What a pig!!

Other than eating over easter me and Debra decided that after two lovely summer days on Friday and Saturday that we missed out on, we would go to the beach on Sunday. Our day was ruined by the fact that of course Sunday was a crappy overcast day. So instead we went to the movies and saw Scary Movie 4. Now we weren’t expecting a whole lot from this movie but expected it a least to be funny. Well in Debra’s words “It's like they stopped trying”. The movie was crap and wasn’t even that funny and only lasted for 1 ½ hours. My rating for this movie would be 1/5 it can wait to VHS!!!

After waiting for two months I finally got my skates yesterday, yah. I tried them out last night and within five minutes of stepping on the ice I fell over and scrapped my elbow and hands. The thing about our skates is that they have toe picks where as rental ones don’t really and they are the cause for falling over. I managed to stay up for the rest of the lesson and left them to get sharpened so I will be a pro next week.

Airfares are on sale at the moment, so we decided that it was about time to cross the border and go and visit Pam and now Hayley in Sydney. I have got a week off work and we go on 13 May. Am so excited, we are going to see where Home and Away is filmed and hopefully, if we go during the week, see some of the cast members or some filming, go to Luna Park, see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and any other exciting things that are recommened.

Anyways have got heaps of work to do because we had someone leave and someone is on holiday.

Keep me updated with events in NZ and keep signing my guestbook.


Thursday, 13 April 2006

A good week

I knew this week was always going to be a good week. Its contains my birthday, easter and most importantly a four day week at work! I also found out yesterday that for the next four weeks we have four day weeks!! Woo Hoo.

I had a really good birthday on Monday and ate way too much Pizza and Pavlova for lunch, followed by Mac and Cheese for dinner. Its not wonder I could hardly move at netball on Monday night and that we got slaughtered. The score is way to embarrassing to share.
On Tuesday I found out that finally my skates were in Australia and that I should be getting them on Tuesday, just in time for next weeks lesson! Yah!! I was struggling with the rentals and will be way better with my own skates ;).

Last night me and Debra went to the movies and watched a movie about a great kiwi, The World's Fastest Indian. What a fantastic movie and no kiwi movie is every complete without at least two ex Shortland Street actors! I would give it 4.5/5. Some parts of it I was in fits of laughter and the best thing about the movie was that when sad things happened you knew that he did it so you didn't worry. One thing I will say about Burt Munro is that he is good with the ladies!!
Today one of the girls from work its leaving so the boss is paying for us to go out for dinner and drinks. So that will be heaps of fun and about all I have planned for easter at this stage.
I have decided to do a link from my website to the Home and Away recap part of the site so I don't have to keep cutting and pasting. I will tell you something about this weeks Home and Away and that is Amanda may in fact be Belle's mother!!!!!
Will keep you posted.
Have a save and happy Easter. Drive carefully.

Monday, 10 April 2006

It’s a week since my last post which means


Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I wish I were that excited about turning 23, but it just sounds so old and then there is that song “no body loves you when your 23, what’s my age again” – or something like that anyway. But I do feel a little better thinking that I am the youngest out of all my friends and they have already turned 23 or are well past it and have survived!

I have had a pretty good day so far, except for going to work, although it’s not that bad, but have heaps of presents and cards from work and am having pizza and Pavlova for lunch. YUM!


Monday, 3 April 2006


Just letting everyone know that it is a week from my birthday and if you want my presents and cards to get here on time you should be sending them today.

Since the last update

Haven’t really done much since my last update as I have had the flu and had two days off work sick. I did manage to go out on Saturday night with a girl from work and had a really good night until I almost lost my voice in town and woke up on Sunday morning with a really sore throat and a hacking cough. Stupid country still allowing people to smoke in bars. So now I feel like I am back to square one with stuffed out sinuses and a cough that hurts my chest.

Any way since that is all I have to report I will go back to work and being sick.


Home and Away

Josh is dead. The killer retrieves Morag’s confidential file.

With boos from the crowd of protesters, Amanda is about to cut the ribbon to launch the construction of Project 56. Morag races up with a letter in her hand. She has proof that Josh is linked to Tiverson, so Project 56 is illegal!

At the same time, Jack receives a phone call…Josh West is dead!

Jack and Peter question Morag, then call in Ric, who stumbles in his interrogation. Peter is alerted that Amanda will now get Tiverson shares worth four million dollars – so she’s under suspicion big time! Amanda flees the Bay.

It seems Ric and Cassie’s relationship is over!

More residents of the Bay become suspects. Dan is pulled in for questioning. Martha’s questioned, while Ric hides his guilt over the magazine cut-out letter to Josh.

Amanda is stopped from fleeing the country by Peter and Jack and taken in for questioning. Evidence turns up to prove she is innocent. But the killer is still out there!

Belle is the one who framed Amanda by putting the magazines in her bin. When Ric sees Martha is under suspicion, he announces he’s responsible for the death threat!

Rachel and Kim are in love. She plans a romantic dinner for two, Kim stays over. In the morning, Hyde knocks on the door – their secret is out. Hyde spits his dummy. Kim tell his father Rachel is the one for him – if his father can’t accept that, well, his father’s out of his life.

Hyde calls on Rachel to apologise. His concern has only been that Kim could be hurt again – and there’s an age difference! Hyde invites Kim and Rachel to join him for a drink.

Tasha and Robbie announce they are having a baby to Robbie's family. Everyone’s elated, but Tasha aches for Robbie having to put on a brave front.