Friday, 11 August 2006


As I have been somewhat incapicitated for the last few weeks, I can't say that anything interesting has happend. I have been at home watching tv, dvd's and playing sims and then if I am not at home I am at work, working. I can tell you I am getting bored out of my brains and am looking forward to 31 August 2006, when I go back to the doctors and get my fate.
I have however seen a few movies that I might share my opinions of.
Pirates of the Caribeen
I thought this movie was quite good. How can you say its bad with Orlando and Jonny as the main characters. It was dumb though how it didn't really have an ending, you got no closure. Will look out for the sequel.
The Lake House
A romantic love story with Sandra and Keanu. Its wasn't as good as i expected it to be. A little sad. Don't think to much about how it would work or else you won't get into it.
You, me and Dupree
Owen Wilson just cracks me up. Fantastic I thought. Laugh out loud and can't breath hilarious. Need I say more!
Brokeback Mountain
Oh my god!! So totally don't recommend it. I am still having nightmares. Gives me the creeps. I can tell you I certainly look at Health Ledger differently now!
As my life is really boring at the moment, please keep me entertained with all your emails, pictures and guestbook entries.
Oh, I have also updated my photo gallery if you want to have a squiz.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 3 August 2006

Graphic Images!

On Friday I went back to the doctors to find out my fate. After snipping the cast open and taking the bandage off (I closed my eyes for that part) this is what I saw – ew but apparently it is healing well. The doctor then came by and showed me my x-rays, I have about eight screws that will stay permanently in my leg (unless they start irritating me and then they might get removed at a later stage) and that big screw. I have been told I will need another operation to have it taken out in about seven weeks. He also told me the bad news, I will have to be in plaster for another FIVE weeks, five weeks, do you know how long that is!!!!! Two weeks was bad enough. After five weeks they will take off my plaster and ease me back into walking again and two weeks after that will have to go back into surgery and have that big screw out. The upside to me having to still be in plaster is that I got a swanky pink cast!

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The Netball

In March this year me and Debra had brought tickets to go and see New Zealand v Australia netball clash in Brisbane. I had especially been looking forward to this for the last four months and was really annoyed and upset that a couple of weeks out i hurt my ankle and might not have been able to go. After doing some research it was decided that i could still go and we would get tickets for the disabled area so that i could keep my foot elevated all night. We also decided to hire a wheel chair as that would be the most effective way of moving me around. Well it was a great night, we had definety improved our seating quality as we didn't have great seats and ended up right by the goal post . We had a huge banner which unfortunatley didn't make it on tv but am sure all the silver ferns saw it! and that is defiently what helped then win.