Saturday, 19 May 2007

Donna goes to Movieworld

On Sunday we all (mum, Sara, Darryl and myself) all decided to head out to Movieworld. This was mum and Sara’s first time.

We started the day by testing out the new Batwing ride. This ride in a reverse ride to the giant drop at movie world. It was a little scary, but otherwise pretty average.

It was then onto the superman ride. From 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. This ride in terrifying and mum had to close her eyes all the way through.

We then went to the Wild West Falls ride, where at the end we all ducked and mum got covered in water (she didn’t know she had to duck!).

After telling her that she had been on the most scariest rides, and that the scoody doo spooky coaster wasn’t that scary, she agreed to come on it. After that ride she told me that she didn’t trust me anymore and that she was too scared to sit down. hehe

So I took her to the Lethal Weapon ride, where we all got an ear bashing and mum looked so white that we had to sit down for a while!

We then watched the Shrek 4D show, the stunt show, played on some games, the street parade and scoody doo detectives and had some home made lunch (theme park food isn’t that appealing).

Mum enjoyed the Road Runner roller coaster (as it was more her speed). By the end of the day we were all themed parked out and went home and had a nap. I was impressed that mum did all of the rides and was still alive to tell the tale!


Sunday, 13 May 2007

Sydney 4 -7 May 2006

As we had a long weekend this weekend, Darry and I decided to head down to Sydney and catch up with Pam.

On Saturday we headed into Coogee Beach for breakfast and a walk around the bay, followed by a trip into Sydney central to Patty's markets. That night we headed to a house warming party with a 3 kiwis to 30 irish ratio. At the end of the night I felt the need to doone an irish accent!

Does this guy remind you of anyone??

On Sunday we went out to the outlet store where, quite suprisingly, we managed to not buy anything. After our nana nap that avo, we headed down to the bay for a spot of snorkelling, the snorkelling was a bit short lived as the water was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING but made use of Pam's waterproof/shockproof camera and took some pics!

As everyone else had to go to work on Monday we had to entertain ourselves so we decided to head to the Taronga zoo.

Its a great zoo with lots of cool animals, like Gorilla's (my favourite), Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my!), snow leopards, mere cats, elephants ... I really recommend if you go to Sydney.

We had a great holiday and thanks Pam for being a great host!


Thursday, 10 May 2007

28 April 2007

Darry and I decided that it might be fun to head out to Whitewater World. This is Dreamworld's newest theme park (its not actually part of Dreamworld) and competition for Wet 'n' Wild (go figure, we are on level 5 water restrictions and they open a new water park) anywho as we had vouchers so we decided to give it a go.

Compared to
Wet 'n' Wild it is quite a bit smaller and they don't serve theme park chicken which I was not impressed about. I haven't been on all the new rides at Wet 'n' Wild but some of them are similar to Whitewater Worlds new ones and we found that one side of the park felt like it had heated water compared to the other side which was freezing. It was a pretty good day, apart from the near drowning incident (the lifeguard almost jumped in!). Me and Darryl were coming down on a tube on one of the rides, it was a bit airborne at the end and I was in the front and bounced off the tube into the water, Darryl then floated on top of me so that I couldn't get up for air, my life flashed before my eyes and then i finally able to make it too the surface. Had I known that the lifeguard was cute as I might have stayed under there a bit longer!
If had to choose a day out at water park I would recommend Wet 'n' Wild

Wow that looks like fun
If I run fast I will make it
Owww, here it comes
Hehe, can you see me
That was fun