Friday, 24 February 2006

Its been a while

Haven''t written an update in a while so thought I had better get typing. I have also noticed that other people haven't update their sites and haven't had any emails from anyone (besides forwards) in a while, not even free texts on free text weekends :(. Don't forget about me I only live in Australia. Get typing and let me know what's happening!
Life has been pretty hectic at the moment with Netball on Monday, Ice Skating on Tuesday, French on Wednesday, Netball on Thursday and drinking with the girls at work on Friday and to make things worse all the best tv programmes are on at the moment with Desperate Housewives on Monday, The OC on Tuesday, McLeods Daughters on Wednesday and Lost on Thursday. I convinced Debra that a video player was an essential item and because I already had one in New Zealand that she should buy one. So we toddled down to Dick Smith and she brought a dvd/video player which means we haven't missed an episode.

Home and Away update

Amanda, Graham and Josh
Morag told Graham about Amanda and Josh. Graham didnt believe it at first but then found proof himself so he confronted Amanda but then suddenly he had a heart attack. A ambulance came and took him away and then he had another one and is on life support in hospital. Amanda and Beth decided to turn off life support but then Josh pointed out that √Āmanda didn't get any money if he died within three months of the marriage so Amanda changed her mind but then Beth took her to Court and was about to win until Josh blackmailed the judge and Amanda ended up winning.

Tash and the believers
Tash finally woke up and realised that the believers were no good. She tried to escape but then they locked her in the shed and then she tired to set a fire but the fire engulfed the shed and Jonah saved her but now they have her locked her up in the tent!! She also woke up with numbers tattooed on her foot (but don't know what that was about missed that episode). Anyway she convinced Jonah to let her go and that she wansn't the chosen one) so Jonah let her go and they tired to run away but get caught by the others. What is going to happen?

Beth and Tony move in together because Tony's landlord is selling the house so why not.

Sally is coping with Flynn's death by not letting anyone help and keeping herself busy.

Kits back.

Robbie kisses some other chick who later turns out to be Kit's friend.


Tuesday, 14 February 2006

It was the saddest Home and Away ever!!

Last night was the saddest Home and Away ever (well maybe until tonight). Flynn passed away peacefully in his sleep and after half a box of tissues me and Debra finally calmed down. It was the saddest esposide of any weekday soap, it was almost as sad as Dr Green dying on ER.
The funeral is tonight so can imagine it will be another sad one.

Monday, 13 February 2006

Get out of the Water

That was the message to all Gold Coast residents/tourists on the weekend as schools of sharks we congretrating around the shark nets because there were swarms of bait fish. There is noooo way I am getting in the water!!

"SWIMMERS and boogieboarders yesterday defied the dangers to frolic in the surf as hundreds of sharks menaced a school of bait fish less than 100m offshore.The shark alarms sounded at Southport and Narrowneck beaches at first light yesterday as schools of pilchards, tuna and tailor hugged the coastline."

Home and Away

Well the time has finally come, this week, I think Flynn is probally going to die and I think it will be tonight. I am not going to be home but will probally need to get the tissues handy for Debra, its going to be very sad.


Well I think Tasha will finally cotton on this week that the beleviers is no good, bad news, cult. Will keep you informed.

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Bits and Pieces

Well the boys have left and life has gone back to normal. We just did heaps of touristey (is that a word) things. Don't have any pictures as Stephens laptop died before my cd was finished. May have some in the future.
Finally, after five months of being here, I think I may be in a netball team. I played a game of netball on Monday night for a team and they are really nice girls who are also my age. They need mid court people which is a bonus and we are in grade 3! I think there might be 5 grades or maybe more. 3 is higher than I am used to but we won! So, this weekend I am going out to Big W to buy my green t-shirt and then shop around to buy my very own black pleated netball skirt. I also have another game tonight with a different team so hope that goes well also. I need the exercise :)
I have a few lessons in French now and am finally starting to be able to remember the words and phrases and try and pronounce them. The hardest thing I have found is trying to read the words and pronouce them because you want to sound them out like english words which usually isn't what they are supposed to sound like. I did however get this very helpful book which has the words in french then they write english guides to help you sound them out, if that makes sense!
Home and Away
Haven't really watched home and away in a while because was busy last week, but from what I can gather.
Tasha and Martha
Martha decided to join the believers undercover and stayed at the farm. She then heard someone buried alive, Rebecca, I think, but then she was drugged by Mumma Rose. She was then found by someone and wanted a drug test to prove that she was drugged and not making bad stuff about the believers up but the drug test came back negative, because the believers black mailed Josh who then blackmailed the hospital to say that the tests were negative.
Tasha was also drugged by Jonah who may have taken advantage of her. I think Mumma Rose wants her to get pregnant to Jonah so she can have a "special" baby or something like that.
And that's about all I can tell you at the moment.
Anyways better do some work.

Thursday, 2 February 2006

The boys have arrived

On Tuesday morning at 7am I made the 45 minute trip to the airport to pick them up. They all made it safe and sound and we then proceeded to drive back through rush hour traffic to our house.

We had breakfast and then went shopping for items that people may/may have not forgotten/left at home/packed at the last minute and forgot to pack.

At 1pm we headed down to the marina to have a ride in a jet boat, go jet skiing and parasailing.

The jet skiing was awesome, there were two people to a jet ski and Stephen had one on his own. As it was pretty windy we all ended up getting saturated but had a great time. At one stage Me and Zac ended up going 81kms, we ended up not falling off but Daniel ended up in the water twice and then Debra and Daniel both fell off the jet ski and had the instructor a bit worried.
After jet skiing we went for a ride on the speed boat around the spit. We saw a nice boat with heavy black smoke bellowing out the back.

We then went parasailing. That was really cool, but by that stage was starting to feel a little sick.

The day was great and jet skiing was the highlight, i definently recommend it.
Oh and did I mention that Zac and Daniel got sunburnt, because they "forgot"to sunblock parts of their bodies. What is it with boys!