Monday, 26 February 2007

Not a lot happening

Hey Kids
Haven't posted in a while, because too be honest not a lot has been happening really that has been blog worthy.
Work is going well, have started to settle in and get the hang of it. Always hate the first couple of weeks, although i DESPERATELY need a car as the bus which is supposed to get to work by 8.10 doesn't usually pick me up at my bus stop until 8.20 and when your work's clock is five minutes fast (good in the avo so I can catch the 5.30 bus - when i finish at 5.30) but not so good on your first week when you still have 15 minutes until you walk in works door. I haven't really had a telling off yet, but am sure its coming.
Living with the family is going .... ok, i invested in a tv this weekend to avoid potential arguments which have started rear about tv programs. My little sister Courtney has decided to go back to New Zealand and believe she is leaving on 20 March, but don't ask questions, that's all i know, she doesn't say much and is always in a foul mood!!
Popcorn and Bubbles are doing ok. They sleep all day (think because its so hot) and keep EVERYONE awake all night running around the house (we have wooden floors) and even though they are upstairs can hear everything! But its great to have cats around again.
Now, I was talking to Zac the other night and he said that he had Skype which I believe is a programme thingee that you can make free calls to other computers over the net or something. So I saw this starter kit for $10.00 and its came with mike and ear piece, so am gunna set it up and test it out. I think as long as you have speakers and a mike you should be able to use it. I got a CD with mine, but you can download the programme from BEBO, which btw is a fantastic site and I am totally addicted to it, so if anyone has it or knows how to use it let me know.
Anyway I have been jabbering on for ages, so time to go, hope something interesting happens this week I can blog about.
Love always

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Week In Review

This week has been pretty busy, it saw me:

- Start my new job. I hadn't worked in over two months and getting back into it was hard. Long days (i now work 40 hours instead of my usualy 37.5 hours per week), starting a new job and getting the hang of it and catching the bus (which is always late) to work and getting told off. Fun. I definently need a car!! The good thing is though, I got paid, woo hoo and have spent it already!!

- Getting such a lovely surpise on Valentines day! :)

- Turning into an old lady, I decided to tag along with mum and her friend to Bingo on Wednesday night, and I actually won two prizes, is it wrong for me to say that i enjoyed it??
- finally being able to get my hair done!

- My sister turning 21. We had her party on Saturday and sang until our throats were dry.

Nic and Dustin (who knows what they were doing!)

Dustin and his cars


Friday, 9 February 2007

I got a job

Yesterday I was offered a job at a commercial litigation practice. I told them that I would get back to them later than day as I was waiting to hear from a job that was closer to where I live so they called me back and offered me an extra $2,000 and a carpark, so I took it and I start work on Monday. Yah, money!!!

Thursday, 8 February 2007


We have mice!!

I suspected we might have mice when I first moved into my room and saw mouse poopings and it was confirmed yesterday when mum saw one run across the floor and into the hall cupboard. We shut the door and tried to lock it in there and called the real estate agents who are stupid dickheads, they must be the most useless bunch of airheads in the world anyway, so last night I was sitting on the floor using the computer and suddenly i saw one run right next to me, I think my ear piercing scream frightened the little bugger away. I am not sure if it was the same one from upstairs or not as that one had mysteriously disappeared.
Later that night we were watching tv and Popcorn ran across the room with something, Courtney thought it was a ball but I had other suspicions! She had caught A mouse, not sure if there is one or more but our smart little kitty caught one of them. So Courtney wrestled it out of Popcorn's mouth and into a container and that was that. Until this morning, when the little blitter got away!!!


Tuesday, 6 February 2007

New additions to the family

Last night saw too new additions to the O'Neill family. KITTENS!!

Bubbles and Popcorn

Popcorn is the completely grey one and Bubbles is the grey and white one.