Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My story

I have been looking at buying a new digital camera for some time as I have had my old one since before I left NZ and its big, bulky and heavy (and everything counts with only 20kg of luggage) and... I just wanted a new one.

So I decided on the MJU790. Its the shockproof, waterproof, snowproof camera its on the ad with the dog drulling and Pam has one also and said it was real good. These are some of the underwater photos from Pam's Camera.

When I started looking last year the prices were around $450.00 and I was like ahhhh no I might just wait a while and then I wondered if duty free had it cheaper and they did for like $400 but they didn't really have them readily available at the aiports that I was flying to/from so I didn't bother and it sorta went to the back of my mind and I got on with life without a new fancy camera (I brought a laptop instead!)

Then the other day I was looking around at Dick Smith for some new cartridges for my printer and I went to see if they had my camera and if so how much it was and there it was for $328.00 the cheapest I had ever seen it and it is also going out of stock as a new model is coming in and they are on clearance. I almost brought it but decided to look around in case other places had it cheaper and so today i looked around. It seems that most places don't have it that cheap but are willing to lower their price to $328 so I went back to work and ponderd whether I would get it as a lot of shops didn't have it in stock anymore but before I had made any decisions I decided to look on Teds Camera House to see if they had it and then i saw this the OLYMPUS Mju 850SW Digital Camera. Isn't it pretty!!!! It is the same model but is a slightly higher mega pixel and it is PINK!!!!

I fell in love immediately!!! The only issue was that it was about $70 more expensive that the camera which is just as good that I could have today (this one is on back order).

When I brought my laptop pink ones were about $500 more than the regular ones, so I decided to get a regular one because I couldn't justify paying $500 plus more but can I justify paying an extra $70 for a pretty pink digital camera ... and then I get called into the bosses office (cringe - Zac will know what I am talking about!) fortunatley they were giving me a pay rise (I haven't yet told them I will be leaving in a couple of months). I walk out excitedly (and proceed to do nothing for the next hour gossipying about it and other things - what a wonderful employee!!) so my questions to everyone who reads my blog (probably only Zac, Jason and Alie oh and Hayley) are:

- Is my payrise a sign that I should get the new pretty pink beautiful camera?

- Can I justify the extra $70.00?

- Should I wait a little while longer to see if it comes on special?

- Or do I just go with the cheaper one and save the extra $70????

Your comments would be much appreciated in this hard decision proceess!!!!! Please vote in the top right hand corner and leave a message in my guestbook! Thanks


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dreamworld 2008 - Sara's 22nd Birthday

It was Sara's birthday today so we decided to head to Dreamworld to celebrate.

Dreamworld is a little different now than it used to be. It has a new ride called the motor coaster. It supposed to be one of the new six big thrill rides but I didn't think it was that great. You just rode alone on this motorbike contraption thingee that was kinda uncomfortable along this track.

They also have the flowrider which you pay like $5 extra and you get to surf on this wave thingee. We didn't do it, but it looked kinda cool.

Mum refused to get on any of the "big thrill rides" since movie world. So I made her sit in all the props and get pictures!

They have also taken away the gold mine ride which I thought was dumb.

About 1pm it started raining, we had just started lining up for the Giant Drop when there was a "delay" some people had got left at the top of the tower!!! and had to be slowly brought back down to the bottom!!!!!! How scary, can you imagine!
After about an hour it was up and working again so we decided to give it a try! I am here writing this blog so I made it back down safe and sound!


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Back in the working world

Well after my trip to New Zealand I am now back in the working world.

I am now back on Gold Coast in the rain and awful humid rain heat (i think it has rained 4 out of the 5 weeks of the year), back at the 8-5 job wishing I was anywhere than here!!

I have decided to go on my “big OE” this year and over the next couple of months start planning for it. I am also trying to get Nicky to go with me!

If you have any suggestions let me know.

Having really being doing a lot lately as trying to save! So keep updating your blogs, sending emails and writing in guestbooks to help me whirl away my time :)

My msn is if anyone wants to chat.

Here is a picture from the past for something interesting ...

New Years Eve 1999

Bye for now