Friday, 26 August 2005

My leaving party

The leaving party was fantastic. I hope everyone had a good time and weren't too sick on Sunday!

Heaps of photo's were taken. The thing about photo's is that, you think you are looking fantastic when they are being taken but in the morning you see a true reflection of how you were really looking and its not at all how you imagined.

I have put some of the photos on this post but look in the photo gallery for some more.

I have finally completed my last day at work in New Zealand for a while. While it was exciting it was kind of sad.

Katie crawled in the roof last night and refused to come down. She ended up staying in there all night (much to all our annoyment as she kept meowing all night and waking us all up). I think she was hiding, making a point, that she doesn't want to leave. I feel she knows something is going on. I will miss her heaps!!!!

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