Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The Weekend

This was the weekend of Nicky's interview with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. On Friday night we went through preparations for the all important interview as it would mean she would finally move down to the Gold Coast, Yah! She said it went really well and fingers crossed she will get it. They called her on Tuesday and told her its between her and another girl and would be “very beneficial” if she came down this weekend for another interview.

I asked whether she could bring koala's home and she said yes (well, she would be able to bring home animals that she would have to nurse, but wouldn't that be so cool)!

On Saturday night we decided to head over to Dustin and Nic's house to catch up as they had just moved to the Gold Coast. We managed to navigate our way there with our umbrella as it was spitting and I didn’t want to get my nicely straightened hair wet (NB – I really recommend the wet 2 straight hair straighter, it does a salon job). We didn’t make it there in time for spa but had a great night catching up with a few wines.
Also put a few pictures in the gallery.

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