Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sorry for being so slack

(although I note I'm not the only one!!!)

Hey Everyone

Sorry haven't updated in a while. Things have been pretty hectic over here in the last couple of weeks. Darryl has moved over now so I have been a little pre-occupied being a gracious girlfriend and we have also had three hits of bad news which (touch wood), we don't get anymore.
Anyway, I'm here now and here are some pictures of my sexy beast.

She has a few dings and stuff but was a good bargain for $1,000.00 and she has aircon!! I also obtained my Queensland Drivers Licence as well. So I am totally "legally" allowed to drive.
Oh and a few weeks ago I loaded some vidoes on my photo gallery. They take a while to load but are hilarious to watch!!!!! I still have more to come, when I get around to it.
Take care

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Hayley said...

slacker alright... i was beginning to think it wasn't cool to blog anymore - just as I'd started :)