Sunday, 9 September 2007

Last night in town

Friday 31 August 2007

On Friday night its was Darryl's last night on the Gold Coast before heading back to cold, raining, Tauranga, New Zealand to finish studying. He can't do it here because he needs to do it full time and has to do some practical stuff that needs to be assessed by a New Zealand assessor.

He had planned a special night out.

We started the night by having a yummy dinner at Moo Moo's steak restaurant. This place has mouthwatering steak.

We then went to the casino for what I thought was to do some gambling, so as i sat at the pokie machines winning up, Darryl disappeared with my winnings and not returning for some time with my coins and with me running out of coins I called him and found out that we were not in fact going gambling but to the casino show Zingara. The show was pretty good and my favourite part was when they brought out the "Globe of Death". This is where they have a big cage and motor bike riders got round the inside of it. I was quite excited as I had read Jason's Blog a couple of weeks ago about it. They started with two riders, and then three riders, and then four riders where everyone was like wow and THEN they brought out another rider!!! Five riders, I can't beleive they didn't crash into each other and then they split the globe in two and three riders rode in the top half and two in the second half. It was pretty amazing.
I had a great night out and thanks heaps Hun. Can't wait to see you again, whenever that might be, work hard!!!


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