Sunday, 7 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland was on in Hyde Park and they have an outside ice skating rink that I was dying to try out so I invited Tim, Louisa and Amanda along to help me test it out.

We got there bright and early on Sunday morning to avoid the crowds. Once geared up we hit the ice – ohhh, the disappointment! I could hardly move on the damm ice (and I am a pro – ok well not a pro, but I was in a show!). Nasty rent-a-skates and slippery early morning ice were not a winning combination. After a while though, once the ice was a little munched up, I was able to skate around freely (and carefully – I wasn’t wanting to break a bone again!) and have a good time.

After the ice skating we had a walk around the stalls looking at the crafts and sampling some mulled wine, eggnog and winter pims.

There was a pile of ice on the ground and we couldn’t resist making a snow man. His name was Harry and he was ever so cute!

We then spent the afternoon having a nice walk around the Hyde Park. It was really funny, the water had a thin layer of ice over it and birds were standing and walking on it. It looked like they were ice skating and it was really funny when they plunged over the side.

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