Saturday, 17 January 2009

Shows seen in London Recently

For Pam's birthday her sister, Debra, has organised for us all to go out for dinner and then Wig Out. Wig Out isn't your normal London Broadway show, its anything but!

Wig Out is a ... drag queen show!
It was about a drag house "The House of Light" which rivals agaisnt another house in a ball. Its actually kind of hard to explain (found a little exert below). Anyway, it was actually quite good. It was really funny, the singing and dancing was really good and only a little uncomfortable.

Debra and I all ready to see the queens ------>

Enter the legendary House of Light, a hyper-glamorous, uber-competitive drag queen refuge where a daughter who was once a son, can find a family. While the House are primping and preening for a catwalk showdown with the other houses, drag queen Nina is wooing the delectable Eric as Wilson, a de-camped, make-up free 'straight' gay man. How can Nina/Wilson strut the thorny divide between opposite genders and differing worlds? With sassy music, killer costumes and performed in a club cabaret setting, Wig Out! brings to glorious, vivid life, a riotous, defiant drag queen sub-culture.


Donna had stopped by on her way to Switzerland for a couple of days so Louisa had organised for us all to go to Grease the Broadway show.

We had seats right up the front which was a privilege as we are always usually way back at the theatre. This Broadway show is based around the movie Grease and goes along with the storyline but has some very different scenes, my favourite being the shower scene. It was a really good show and I would recommend it. A show you can get into and who doesn't love a good Grease song.
Pam, Louisa, Donna, Nicola and Toni -->

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