Thursday, 30 April 2009

Egypt - Part 3

Sunset we could see from our boats on the Nile

29 April 2009 - 1 May 2009

EGYPT - Sailing down the Nile
29 April 2009

That afternoon we boarded our Felucca boat and headed off sailing down the Nile. The Felucca boats are just boats with compartments underneath to put all our gear in and on top is covered in cushions were we laxed out, ate and slept.
That night we went up to a Nubian village and hung out chatting and smoking shisha's.
At night on the boats they put up mosquitos nets and we just jumped in our sleeping bags and slept on the boats.
30 April 2009
Today again we spent the day on the Felucca hanging out. We docked up on the shore of the Nile and went for a dip - as you can see my camera felt like being waterproof then!

Girls from the boat swimming in the Nile --------->

<-------- Ad for Sprite - you think they will like it?

That night we docked up on the shore of the Nile and headed onto shore where our captains lit a bonfire and sang and danced to some Nubian tunes.

Video of us laxing out on the Felucca's

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