Saturday, 23 May 2009

Boozy bank holiday weekend

I was planning on going to the Lake District with a couple of friends to utilise my bank holiday (not that I really notice, I am very rarely employed) but as we left it too late and all accommodation was booked up, a boozy weekend with the flatties was on the cards instead!

Friday night
Finchley Road Walkie
The Flatmates (not including annoying, overstaying dossers)
Michael, Dallas, Gareth, Toni and Elina

The Boys

The Girls
I dragged my sorry ass out of bed early to meet Louisa and we went shopping in Camden markets for our outfits for Ascot, as this was one of the only free weekends I had before 20 June! That night just laxed on the couch.

On Sunday I did some general house things before retiring to sit in the back yard in the sun with a glass of cider, am really going to miss the British cider, at about 5pm we all headed to Ves Bar. Ves Bar is a bar in She Bu thats really nice to hang out at on a Sunday night. It has a kiwi guy with an acoustic guitar singing some great tunes. After a while we headed over to the Walkie (the drinks are cheaper there) for some dancing. At 11pm the She Bu Walkie closes so we decided to head on a tube and ... am ashamed to say... we weren't ready to go home so went to the Finchley Road Walkie for some more drinking and dancing!

After a feed of KFC on the tube

What, you wanna take my picture?


Dallas in Michael's t-shirt, Elina's shorts and my leg warmers

On Monday I was surrounded by sad, pathetic, hungover, whinging flatmates (yah for not getting hangovers!) and spent the day watching tele.

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