Sunday, 19 July 2009

Would you think less of me...?

I am still smarting from my dentist bill (for all those who don't have facebook or haven't heard me whinging about it, on Friday (after four days unemployed at home - a more convenient time for it to happen) I went to work yah! and then my filling fell out boo! so as I am working next week as well and being Friday afternoon I decided to go to an emergency dentist and one that wasn't covered by NHS as I couldn't get an appointment guaranteed to fix it on Saturday and it really needed to be looked at. So £220 I have a fancy white filling and am left feeling ripped off and lighter in the pocket.

Then today I got this -

A rare defeat with my travel insurance company. They have payed out for my broken camera (photo taken with said broken camera but as you can see it looks like it has been taken underwater and hence why new camera is needed - and it has rust on the screen).

The cheque makes me feel heaps better about the fact that I won against the morons at the insurance company - they asked me when I was last in possession of my lost or stolen item - I had to politely inform them that I was still in possession of it and in fact I was claiming for damage, hence the damage claim forms and the £20 letter from the camera shop. Anywho I have my cheque now and the problem is what to spend it on.

As you all know I have been tossing up between cameras and can't decide what I like. I was really happy with my camera (obviously until it broke) and it was shockproof and waterproof for over a year so, would you think less of me if I brought the same one?

My reasoning being

- I liked my old camera

- It was beautiful

- I know how to use it

- It has a lot more settings than cameras on the market these days

- It takes good photos - especially compared to other cameras I have seen

- I could probably get it for £100ish pounds therefore saving £100 to put towards dentist bill

- I would then have 3 batteries and 2 memory sticks - I recently brought the battery and memory stick for £60

- It takes panoramic photos on the memory card which is a feature not many (if any) other cameras do

So, I know I should upgrade to a better one, but I'm not ready ...

What do you think?



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Hayley said...

Do it chick! totally plenty of reasons to get it again, especially since u got your travel insurance which will more than cover it. unusual for u not to want the latest and greatest but that just shows how spesh pinky is aye :)