Saturday, 5 December 2009

Toffee, Tof Tof, Toffe Pops, Toffee Tops, Tofinator, Puppy

Toffee - Toffee is my sister's 21st and christmas present from her boyfriend.

She is a little puppy dog - chihuahua silky terrier or Silkyawa for short.

Courtney wasn't really allowed to have the dog becuase we rent and aren't allowed dogs, we don't have any grass in the fenced off section and she isn't responsbile enough for a puppy (phew, it wasn't a baby!)

But ... Toffee has become a much loved pet in the O'Neill household and you really miss her when she isn't about.

As we have never really had a dog cause we are cat people, having a puppy is a real challenge, and something the whole family has had to adopt and adapt to.

Toffee is a smart puppy, she can sit, drop, beg and roll over but when it comes to toilet training she is just not interested! Any suggestions on the best way to get her understand that when we put you outside for a couple of hours its so she can got toilet and not come inside and immediately pee on the floor - lucky we have wooden floors.

I love having Toffee around and she is just so funny when she runs around the house like her tails on fire but not so much when she runs out the front door, down the street, across the road and into the neighbours lawn and you have to chase her in your pj's yelling Toffeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

You might be mad for a little bit then she looks at you with her puppy dog eyes and you can't resist ......

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