Saturday, 18 December 2010

Work Christmas Party

18 December 2010

I was hoping that this Christmas party would be a bit better than last years debacle ...

Lets just say, some people just have no idea about social etiquette and just because myself and others didn't bring a partner, doesn't mean one of us should get shunned to another table to sit with another company ...

Despite all the dramas it was still a pretty fun night, here are some pictures of the people I work with

I love this photo, however I have no idea what is going on ...

Kristen and I showing everyone how its done!

From left
Hayley (my boss), Joy and Kelly (both other secretaries)

Pravanita (solicitor), Sharon (WP) and me

After the work party ended we got limo rides home, I wasn't ready to head home so I asked the limo driver to drop me into Surfers. I met up with Sara and her new friend, David Strassman, Courtney later joined us for this group photo!

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