Saturday, 15 January 2011


15 January 2011

Today we decided to head to the races for some fun in the sun and to "frock" up.

Upon trying to get into the gate, I was accosted by the security guard and made to wear an "age" bracelet for the whole day to say I was over 18. However, the people at the bar didn't believe me or my "age" bracelet and made me show my ID again!

We had a fun day at the races, I even won some money by accident.

As a group, we won some money on the horses.. We ended up at Amber's with drinks and pizza's before heading to Broadbeach for some dancing.

Great day!

Successing out winners with Hilton

Sharon and I

Winning ticket and age bracelet!

Making a paper hat

For some random guys we met

Jager baby!!

Trish and I

More pictures here

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