Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sara's 25th Birthday Party

12 February 2011

It was Sara's 25th birthday this month and so she had a "no frills" birthday party in the back yard to celebrate.

She had loads of friends around, bbq, fire and a pinata which was filled with glitter.

It was a fun night, had by all.

I ended up leaving the party and heading to the Grand for some drinks with friends. My night wasn't so fun!! I had a cockroach crawl up my arm and a so called "friend" call me 32!!!!! 32!!!!! Do I look 32!!!!! to you!!!!

Courtney and I before the party got too crazy! Has anyone seen my pink glasses??

Birthday cake shot!

Sara and I

The Pinata

Post pinata glitter!

Courtney and Sara

The Partay!!!

Birthday girl having an awesome time!

Actual birthday - 16 February 2011

More pictures HERE

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