Saturday, 17 June 2006

Its been a while

Work is still really busy, which means so have I. So unfortunantley have been unable to update my site until now, when I have come into work on Saturday to update my site and do actual work. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t work overtime or on Saturdays but here I am. What have I turned into!!!!

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy also with things other than work.


The two weekends after we came back from Sydney, I had netball carnivals. Now what we didn’t realise was the first one was a rep carnival and well to say the least we lost every game by more points than I would care to divulge. The second one wasn’t so bad but maybe we would have been better in a lower grade. Despite losing all our games in those carnivals, we were in the semi-finals for our Monday night league. The team we were playing was the top team and most times we had lost to them by at least 20 points (including when they only had six players). Well this time, think it was all the practice against hard teams, we only lost by one point, but the annoying thing was that before the buzzer went we were standing under our goal post ready to shoot!!! Anyone was a good effort and if we win our game on Monday night against the winner of 3 and 4 in the ladder we will play them again and hopefully win.


Well unfortunately, I think Vodafone is onto me. The last two weeks I wasn’t able to free text from my New Zealand sim card. It was good while it lasted but just letting everyone know, I won’t be putting it on the weekends anymore.

Ice Skating

Guess what????? We are going to be in a ice skating recital. How exciting!!! He asked us on Tuesday night if we wanted to do it and we started practising our moves. I am the centre of the pinwheel J It’s in November and am going to get a girl from work to tape it. So when I come back for Christmas I can show everyone!


Now I think since I have been in Australia in the last few months I have had more run-ins (that’s not really the right word, I ain’t no crim) that I ever had in New Zealand.

A couple of weeks ago me and a couple of the girls at work we were well working and some abusive ex-husband of an ex-client called up and stared saying “give me the money that you have in your trust account, if you don’t I am going to take out whoever is at reception”. Well I soon hung up on that physco and yelled at the girls to lock the doors and get the dogs inside. I can tell you we were huddling in the corner and the older ladies came back. Fortunately he didn’t turn up, but we went down and make a complaint with the police station, just incase he did decide to turn up. Pretty scary though, but not as scary as the latest incident.

On Sunday night just gone (11 June 2006) I sitting in my bean bag watching Dawson’s Creek (a girl at work has the whole box set of seasons 1-5) and I though I heard some noises. I muted the tv but decided it was just “the wind”. At about 12.30 I decided to go to bed (we had a pub holiday the next day) when I heard some talking outside my window. We are pretty close to the neighbours house and decided to put it down to that. I turned off my light and headed to bed, but decided to just peak under my window to see what was else there. I nearly shit myself when I saw a MAN outside my window. My heart started racing and I started to get scared. I was peaking for about, what seemed like hours, a couple of minutes and then they started to walk down the back of the other houses. Now anyone who has been to our house will know that we live in a block of units and only have one door. So there is no reason for anyone to be behind our block of units, especially at 12.30 on Sunday night. I army rolled, my curtains aren’t that great, and stood in my doorway contemplating whether I should wake Debra or not. I decided to go for one last peak to make sure they were still there and when I peaked this time I could not see them only there shadow on the fence. I decided that I would wake Debra. I ran into her room and said “Debra there is someone at my window”. She gave me her phone and said call 111. I said ok (FYI- Australian emergency is 000) and whispered to the person our situation. They said ok and they will send someone over. Me and Debra lied in her room for an hour and a half, gasping at every noise we heard to scared to move, until the police arrived. They searched and couldn’t find anyone. I call tell you I didn’t sleep very well that night and still can’t. Pretty scary.

That brown fence stops people from coming around the back

Gap I was peering under

Anyway, its time to go have been here for three hours and have other things to do. I haven't proof read the above so hope its makes some sense!

Haven't had many enteries in to my guest book so let me knows what going on!


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