Thursday, 29 June 2006


Work has finally quietened down for a moment and I have a chance to update my blog.

Now...let me try and remember what I have been doing lately.

Well a little while ago me and Debra went to the movies and saw
The Break Up with Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston. It was pretty funny and wasn't what you expected. I really liked it and gave it a 3.5/5. Also that week I splashed out and brought Singstar Rock, but I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. The songs were hard to sing and I'm not really a rock girl myself but its a little bit of a change.

On Satruday night a girl from work was turning the big 20 and she was having a party, so I got all dressed up and headed to her house. I was the oldest one at the party, not something i'm used to being the youngest out of all my firends, but had a great night and managed to give myself lung cancer - yah for no smoking in pubs and clubs finally being introduced this weekend.

There was a little singstar at the party, but no one was that into, i miss everyone at home!
The one in the purple is Laura it was her birthday.

On Sunday night Nicky came to stay, I am slowly convincing her to move to the Gold Coast. She has gone from Yamba in NSW to Sunshine Coast in QLD and now is moving to Brisbane QLD, about an hour away. So will be great to be able to go and visit and stay up there as that is where most of the big events and things are held. Speaking of big events, its Disney on Ice this weekend, am soo excited I think if we watch carefully we will be able to pick up some snazzy moves. Speaking of skating, I have some bad news, our recital has been cancelled :( apparently the coordinator can't do it this year, so its not going to happen. I was looking forward to having a fantastic new outfit!

The final bit of news that I have this week is that we had our netball final on Monday night. Unfortunaltey we didn't win, we lost by two goals, but we came away with an engraved glass and a bottle of champayne (which was better than a winners towel!)

Since that is all my news for now, better get back to work, have put a few new pics in the photo gallery.
Oh and for all those home and away fans out there. I know that I have a link to the summary on my page but just thought I would do a mini update here as well.
Jack and Martha got married.
At their reception Zoe turned up and blew the barn up.
Peter died and Jack have a severed liver. Luckily Peter's liver was compadable with Jacks so Jack got Peters liver.
Rachel's mum also died.
Belle found out Amanda was her mum.
Martha, Belle, Robbie, Kim and Kit all had bad burns and were being flown by helicpoter to a hospital in the city. But the helicopter crased and they can't find them.

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