Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Thats the plan Stan

Well I found myself recently in a sticky situation. I was finding it hard to get a flatmate, work was getting unbearable and I was quick running out of money. Then my mother suggested “why don’t you come home for a while?” and I thought, wow that’s actually a good idea. I can help them pack, do some casual work and hang out with Katie

So I quit my job, last day next Wednesday, yahh!!!!!!

My only problem is that I haven’t rented my house out yet, but the real estate agent is onto it and I hope to have it rent out soon.

So I will be back as planned early (12am) on Friday 24 November 2006. I am planning on staying around Hamilton/Auckland area until 2 or 3 December and then I will head down to Napier for a while and then probably after xmas to Gis for a few days and then back to Hamilton for new years and then back to the Gold Coast in January 2007 some time!

Am so excited – see you all in just over a week!!

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