Saturday, 28 April 2007


Ok, well not really that big. But the most exciting thing that has happended lately (althought I am regretting it a little bit) is that I cut my hair. I felt it was time and was getting pretty split (even though i cut it regularly) so it had to go. I am regretting it a little bit, but only because now thatit doesnt have much weight it doesn't hold it down as much as it did when it was long.

I do have other semi-exciting news. Me and Darryl are going to Sydney on Friday to visit Pam, so there is bound to be something exciting to happen whilst we are away!!

So as my life is somewhat uneventful at the moment would love to get some emails and guestbooks messages from everyone!!


1 comment:

Hayley said...

still pretty big news miss... & they chopped a chunk off! but these things just sometimes need doing and hey it still looks bootiful :) have fun in Syders u lucky things!!!