Sunday, 15 April 2007

Horse Riding

This weekend me and Darryl decided to head out to Gumnuts Farm for a few hours of horse riding. I have done horse riding a few times and most times have enjoyed it. But I can tell you I think that is one of the most BORIEST horse riding treks I have ever done. We weren’t allowed to do anything. It was only me and Darryl and two instructors (who hardly spoke English) and our horses. We had to follow each other, not going off the track, no riding next to each other so you just sat there on your horse and looked at tree after tree, there were some kangaroos, wallabies and a hare, but you pretty much sat there and looked at tree after tree. Then we went into a paddock and its was like ok this could be good, but all we got to do was trot and because I was following two other horses I hardly got to do anything. So it was very disappointing. On the upside I got to see a bit of the Gold Coast country side as me and Debra didn’t really do a lot of travelling around.

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