Sunday, 13 May 2007

Sydney 4 -7 May 2006

As we had a long weekend this weekend, Darry and I decided to head down to Sydney and catch up with Pam.

On Saturday we headed into Coogee Beach for breakfast and a walk around the bay, followed by a trip into Sydney central to Patty's markets. That night we headed to a house warming party with a 3 kiwis to 30 irish ratio. At the end of the night I felt the need to doone an irish accent!

Does this guy remind you of anyone??

On Sunday we went out to the outlet store where, quite suprisingly, we managed to not buy anything. After our nana nap that avo, we headed down to the bay for a spot of snorkelling, the snorkelling was a bit short lived as the water was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING but made use of Pam's waterproof/shockproof camera and took some pics!

As everyone else had to go to work on Monday we had to entertain ourselves so we decided to head to the Taronga zoo.

Its a great zoo with lots of cool animals, like Gorilla's (my favourite), Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my!), snow leopards, mere cats, elephants ... I really recommend if you go to Sydney.

We had a great holiday and thanks Pam for being a great host!



Hayley said...

Hey chick!! sounds like u had an awesome wee holiday, i'm soo jealous wish i was in Sydney! fantastic that u went to Taronga zoo, it's wicked as aye :-) Also glad u survived the near death experience at the gold coast water park!!! and no broken bones even! craziness!!!!!

Lesa said...

Well written article.