Monday, 18 June 2007

Queens Birthday Weekend 9 – 11 June 2007

As we were going away for the long weekend to Coffs Harbour and I hadn’t been busy at work I decided to take the Friday off and do some thing I needed to do before we went away for the long weekend.

Who was I kidding!!! I did nothing that I wanted to do.

My day started with taking our kittens out to the vet to get the chop, then I had to drop of Darryl’s tyre to a tyre shop to get fixed. Whilst there I decided it might be a good idea to get him to have a look at my tyres before the big trip (4.5 hours). He recommended that I get two new tyres. All right I say and can you have a look at my breaks whilst you are under there. Two tyres, two break pads, two other break thingees, some beltie thing, 4 hours and $370 later my car was ready and my day off almost over. I had time to rewatch Shrek 2 before heading off to Shrek 3 that night.

Mini Shrek 3 review
Um, undecided what to say about this one.
It was good, but not as good as the first ones I don’t reckon.
I would give it 2.5 out of 5

On Saturday we headed off in my car around 11.30 it should take us around 40 minutes to get to Tweed, in traffic it took about 1.5 hrs and then my car started shuddering! We kept going for a week bit, had a look and it looked ok, kept going and then it stopped on a hill. Lucky we were able to pull over, but I had no idea where abouts we were. Luckily!!!! I got RACQ (AA) about three weeks before because my car wouldn’t start at all. The man came and said you might need this but im not sure you need to get it towed and because we were in NSW had to get it towed to Tweed. All I could see were more $$$$$ coming out of my bank account to fix my car (that was working fine on Thursday) straight after it had come out of the shop.

I convinced mum to battle the traffic to bring Darryl’s car over and go back on the bus to allow us to carry on with our journey.

Yah, we made it to Coff’s Harbour without anymore dramas and went to Darryl’s parents, friends, sons 21st.

On Sunday we went for breakfast at the clog barn and I saw how clogs were made then we drove around Coffs, saw some markets, had lunch with Darryl’s parents and then we all went go karting. This was real fun. We got to go around the track about 11 times and had to hold on hard because they vibrated so much. I didn’t come off the track and managed to overtake a few people even though I started last as the man forgot about me.

On Monday before we left, we headed to the Big Banana. Australians are fascinated with "
Big Things"

We went on the Toboggan Ride and went ice skating and then headed home. Not before stopping in Ballina to see the “Big Prawn”.

All and all after the dramas on Saturday morning and $120.00!! more dollars on Tuesday it was a good weekend.

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