Saturday, 13 October 2007

My Addictions

Chocolate Machine
I LOVE these things, they are just so damm temping. All those chocolates sitting there just waiting to fall off. I don’t even really play for the chocolate (most of the time its cherry ripes and I don’t like them) but I just play for the satisfaction that I can get them off and only paying $2.00 for sometimes 12 chocolates and sometimes even big ones. I did however win something that was slightly more exciting that the chocolates.

I want more money (who doesn't!)and since I can't really get more hours at work and whilst my casino gambling career is going alright, it just wasn't enough. I was never going to win millions at the casino so lotto seemed like the solution (and I can even do it from the comfort of my own home if I wanted too!). So for the last couple of weeks, I have started purchasing lotto tickets, but only for the big winning games (there are about 7 a week (I think)) $4m, $20m etc. Unfortunately, I haven't won the big prizes but haven't done two badly. Have won a 6th division, one week and 6th and 7th division on the same ticket as well which gave me $37.00 this week. Surely the millions aren't far off …

Every week we still usually go to the workers for bingo/poker and pokies. And this week, whilst I didn't win anything at bingo or during the bingo break to win a chicken I was waiting for the boys to finish playing poker and what do you know, I won the feature on my pokie machine, $115.00 later and I was feeling less bitter about not winning anything at bingo or a chicken.

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