Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Girls Weekend in Melbourne

18 October – 21 October 2007

Pam and her friends had decided to have a girls weekend in Melbourne and invited me to come along. I was excited with going to Melbourne (and avoiding all the Indy havoc) but I think more excited to have some time off work. All the public holidays seem to be at the beginning of the year which leaves you in desperate need of a holiday by October.

I set off early on Thursday morning and after a few minor hiccups (the car battery going flat and not being able to find the Sydners (I was at a different terminal!)) we headed to our accommodation in a limo drinking champagne!! I had never been in a limo before and it was very exciting!

We headed to our accommodation which was a cute house in Williamstown. We then had a luxury spa treatment and spent the rest of Thursday night playing pictionary and eating cheese and crackers. Which seemed to the be the main food on the menu this weekend!

Friday and Saturday were action packed shopping days (I being quite restrained myself) with the girls spending up on mostly shoes and dresses – I think there were about 14? dresses brought and at least 10 pairs of shoes between 7 girls!! Friday night was spent at Draculas and Saturday night we were all supposed to go out and party like we were 18 but shopping got the better of us and we ended up staying in and chatting, which was just as fun minus the hangovers the next day.
On Sunday we headed over to St Kilda on a ferry boat and checked out the sites and the girls when in a cake mission!
Myself and another girl had to go on Sunday so we said our goodbyes headed to the airport and unfortunately that was our weekend over.

Had a great time and whilst big cities aren’t really for me the side allies with cafes and chocolate shops were a definitive highlight of the trip.
Have posted heaps more pictures in my new google photo gallery!

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