Sunday, 4 November 2007


On the weekend Darryl and myself headed out fishing. We were fishing down by the Broadwater on a beachie area when along came these people with this weird pump, pumping the sand. Darryl went over to see what they were doing and they were pumping for Yabbys!! They gave one to Darryl and said put this on your hook. He brought it over and put it on my hook, after a while I felt a big bite but it appeared my line was stuck AGAIN (I had already lost two lines in the weeds) so I gave it to Darryl to look after, after awhile he called me over and told me to wind in my fish! I caught a fish, an edible fish, 1cm over the required size! They didn't touch any of our other bait just the Yabby so that is what we decided we needed to use.

On Sunday we headed down to BCF to purchase our very own Yabby pump and I purchased a crab net to get some more tasty crabs. Apparently there is a knack to pumping Yabbys and we just must be naturals as we got heaps (I sustained a Yabby pumping injury so let Darryl do the rest of the work!).
We tried our luck with the Yabby and the net. I tried out my crab net the next weekend and caught three tasty crabs. Unfortunately, no fish though.

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