Saturday, 26 April 2008

Im in London

Hey everyone

This is just a post to say that I have arrived safe and sound in London.

My flight was 21 hours in total with two changes in Singapore and Abu Dhubi. Once I arrived in London after over 30 hours with no sleep I was under strict instructions not to go to bed so Alesha took me out and about to see some shops and then I went and set up my bank account.

So far at the moment I am looking for work and someone to live. I have had a call from both the recruitment agencies I signed up for so things look good there now just gotta find somewhere to live that bigger than a box and looks clean and friendly.

Fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures from the plane (since I haven't really done anything else).

Me on the Plane -------- Plane food (that was the best meal!)

Entertainment system on the plan

View from the front end of the plane. It was real cool it has this feature where you could see the front end of the plane (during take off/landing, etc) and see how long was left on the flight, etc.


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