Thursday, 10 April 2008

Turning 25

Being the youngest of a lot of my friends it was finally my turn today to turn 25 today, a quarter of a century, closer to late 20's than early!

Most of my presents this year were travel related.
I got some new pants, pack cover, pj's, pocket knife, laptop bag, travel journal, tripod for my camera.

For dinner we decided to dress up and go out for to the Casino's all you can eat buffet. It was a good meal and selection but some of us may have overdone it though with the dessert bar ...

Thanks everyone for your texts, cards, emails, face books, bebos, phone calls and any other communications used to wish me a happy birthday!


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Anonymous said...

Naturally I knew it was your birthday, but I just didn't want to rub in the fact that you're getting old.... So I.. Uh... Decided to wait a few days first... Yeah that sounds good. i think she'll buy it.