Friday, 28 August 2009

Long time no hear (and write)

Hello to all my loyal fans ... Louisa and Hayley (if there are any others please make your presence known and me feel better by leaving a nice message in my guest book).
I know it has been a long time since a real update but, I STILL don't have a camera. I know it has been ages and how can I possibly go without, but it has been a huge decision and now I have finally made my decision I am waiting for it (my selected colour) to come in stock (sad I know and no its not pink UNFORTUNATELY!).
So I just thought I would post a post to let you know my plans for the next month and a bit.
- this long weekend heading to Edinburgh to hang out with a girl I meet on my Scotland trip
-2 more weeks of work. Thank god. I have just had the WORST two weeks at work in the whole entire world. My boss was awful he called me names I didn't even know the meaning off and then today kindly told me that I wasn't at my screen enough, that I was not a staff member and not to talk to the staff so I rewarded his behaviour by walking out at lunchtime and not coming back! Asshole! I let my agent deal with the rest !
- 1 week off - since I walked out on my job (it was a TBC placement) I now have a free week and I have decided not to waste it on work so am thinking, Nice or Vienna.
- 2 weeks in Greece. I am heading to Greece for two weeks of spontaneous travel. Me and a friend are going to Athens and then going to spend the rest of the time island hopping around the Greek Islands will no accommodation and no plan!
- Back to London for a weekend full of leaving festivities, drinks, bowling and of course, The Church.
- Heading with Debra back to Ireland for 5 days of travelling round and unravelling some family history.
- Then back to London for Fri and Sat and then on Sunday around 9pm heading to the airport for my trip back to the Oz arriving in Brisbane around 9.35am on Tuesday morning.
So kiddies until I have some pictures and tales of adventures I need cheering up at the moment so text, email or facebook me with your stories and adventures.
Love Toni

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Cam said...

I'm a semi-loyal reader. Sorry to hear the work situation is so shit at the moment - mine is too but in a different way. At least you're able to make the most of it - work does get in the way of holidaying.