Sunday, 30 August 2009

New Camera

Its about time right!

I have spent months and months looking over cameras and humming and harring trying to decide which camera I liked best. It has now been something like 4 months since my camera broke and I am heading to Greece in less than two week so it was time to decide. So I decided on:

Olympus MJU Tough 8000 in Blue

Its the same brand as my last camera (that broke!) but I wanted something I knew how to use and that took good photos and I will be more careful when I take this one underwater. Whilst reading the manual it suggested that I get the seals changed every year so I will do this, this time. I have tested it underwater and all seems to be going alright.

Its 12 mega pixels and has a cool setting called beauty, whereby you take a picture and it will show you the before picture and then the enhanced picture - great for those drunken shots where you think you look fab and then realise that maybe you don't!

I like it so far but I doubt it will get much use when I get back to oz...


Darryl said...

it has the word tough on it so it so its got to be good right? and when has any camera you have owned not had a workout toni ? ozzie or not :)

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