Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Back in Oz


Well I am back ... from outer space. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face ...

Ok, so I didn't go to outer space but it was a 24 hour plane ride away and that's pretty far. I had a pretty good plan trip and managed to watch lots of movies, I wouldn't however, recommend wearing jeans for the whole trip - WHAT was I thinking!~

I have arrived back on the Gold Coast safe and sound and ... HOT. It must be 35 degrees today, lucky Courtney's fancy, pancy brand new car has good aircon. It was nice of my sister's to make the effort to come to the airport to pick me up in Brisbane, where my mother was? ... can tell she missed me!

After 24 hours of flying and 30+ hours of being awake I tired my hardest not to go to bed straight away. It was nice to be back home with my all my STUFF that I NEED - well so I told myself 1.5 years ago when I packed it away.

It was nice to come back to clothes, even though they are over 2 years old, they are new to me now and even though I can't find most of them, damm Heathrow injection, I am working on it.

Being back home has been different and has been a little hard to adjust to a regular job, not having many friends, no holidays and just not the fun loving atmosphere London has. I miss London and my friends like crazy I am trying to make the most of being back home. I have had some fun adventures which I will share with you in separate blogs.

Miss all my friends both in NZ and London and look forward to seeing you all soon.


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