Friday, 2 October 2009

Last weekend in London

2 October 2009
After getting back from Athens it was time to quickly head home, get changed and then head back into London Bridge for some leaving drinks. We went to the Wheatsheaf which is a nice bar under the building I used to work at. Thanks to everyone that was able to come it was really nice to see you before I went home.

After everyone left Casey and myself headed to the Slug and Lettuce for some more drinks and some dinner, we ended up going to some bar in ... Angel maybe ... which wasn't that good so as per usual for me, I ended up in the walkabout at Finchley Road.

4 October 2009

Today was my last trip to the Church. Debra and Casey were both in town for the weekend and so we all headed to my favourite Sunday past time for one last Sunday session.
Louisa and I had been working on our costumes for some time, as you can see we dressed up as a bee and a lady bird and Debra joined in dressing up in a fairy outfit, with Tim as a doctor and Casey as a hippie we were ready to go!


All my lovely friends who I had to leave when I left London - miss you all heaps and heaps!

Lovely wings that we made for our costumes

After the Church we headed to the She Bu walkie differently that we usually do. Amanda's friend Dan gave us a ride in the back of his van.

Movie of van ride!

We found Nicola at the Walkie, pie stop on the way to the walkie, picture of my pretty wings!

Miss you guys all heaps and heaps and here is a re-cap of my other Church experiences

- Time One - joined by Hayley and Niki
- Time Two - joined by Richard and tall Michael
- Time Three - joined by Debra, Karen and Amanda
- Time four - joined by other Michael

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