Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Trip to New Zealand - Part 2 - Hamilton

30 March - 2 April 2010
On Tuesday, instead of catching a busy at 7.30am to Hamilton which is only 1 hour away, I was fortunate to be able to hitch a ride with Nicky's mum as she was heading through Tauranga from Gisborne on her way to Hamilton to see her new grandson.

We got to Hamilton and I spent the time until 5pm looking through Centre Place and Downtown Plaza, which I can tell you have very much gone down hill since I left. At 5pm Kimmy finished worked and I headed back to her house for the reunion with Katie my beloved kitty. Once she was feed and had a run around she was ready to be embraced in my arms. Me and Kim were talking and decided that Kim and Quentin have probably had Katie now longer than I had her!

On Wednesday I had a sleep in and then put my jeans on, yes Hamilton was a bit cooler than I was used to so after 5 months in storage they came out. I unfortunately missed the bus into town so had to walk from Fairview Downs into the city. It wasn't that bad and was a nice piece of exercise to combat all the food I had been eating. I meet up with some old work mates for lunch, wherein I got my long awaited potato and then spent the following two hours catching up with the goss from my old firm.

That night I wasn't feeling so well, ugggg my tummy said, I told my brain that it was maybe just some wind and went to sleep.

When I work up feeling as good as I did in Egypt, I decided that maybe my long awaiting potato gave me a bit more that satisfaction of my potato cravings - a touch of food poisoning maybe because all I ate was toast, potato, bag of potato chips and $1.00 worth of lollies before I started felling sick (no not all in one go throughout about 6 hours).

I did manage however to hall my arse out of bed and head to Chartwell to meet up with Delia for a light lunch and catch up on the goings on in her world. The night I still wasn't feeling flash but that didn't stop me going over to Jason and Juliets. Jason and Juliet built their new house, gosh must be at least three years ago, and I still hadn't seen it. So after the meet and greets of all my Gisborne friends I hadn't seen in ages and Alies baby, Hayden which I hadn't meet yet. I had a grand tour of the house.

I still managed to stuff myself silly on dinner and Jason and Juliet's fabulous homemade creme egg ice cream - YUM! I must get that recipe. The rest of the night was spent playing board games, I especially liked Ticket to Ride which I saw in my local games store the other day and I might be tempted to purchase.

On Friday morning I got up early and packed up all my gears before heading to Taupo for the weekend.

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