Sunday, 4 April 2010

Last days in New Zealand

Sunday 3 April 2010

After my exhilirating Bungy jump I said goodbye to Jason and Juliet again not knowing when I would see them again and headed back to the batch to have a shower before heading out of town. Before leaving Taupo though we went for a quick walk to view Huka Falls.

After our tourist stop we headed on to Auckland to stay with Daniel for the night before I flew out the next day back to Aussie.

Daniel was staying house sitting (they obviously didn't know Daniel that well! :)) in an oh so fancy house so Zac and I rocked up

with booze on hand and as it so happens Pam was around so the four of us sat around in the spa for hours, and hours and hours, drinking, reimising about the old times and generally having a great catch up.

There were a few minor spa incidents but nothing that couldn't be handled by four drunk people, plastic cups and the first aid kit!!

The camera unfotuantely didn't come out, but maybe thats not such a bad thing ....

It did make me miss my life back in New Zealand though and my old friends, but I look forward to the next one - maybe you could all come over here!

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