Saturday, 3 April 2010

New Zealand - Part 4 - Taupo Bungy

Sunday 3 April 2010

After saying goodbye to Debra, Jason, Juliet, Zac and I headed to Taupo Bungy!

I had always wanted to do a Bungy Jump, but with my leg never thought I could, I decided to give it a try anyway. As Jason didn't want to do it and Juliet having already done one, me and Zac paid up and waited our turn in line.

As the line got shorter the more nervous I got, OMG what am I doing, ok so I jumped out of a plane - well helicopter actually - I can do this. But the thing with skydiving is that you don't have to push yourself your instructor does.

As I go up there, I was feeling even more nervous, as I got closer to the edge and looked down I thought WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING. One count down goes by with a little nudge from the instructor, before I grab onto the rail, ok, ok I can do this, give me a minute. She tells me its only going to get harder the longer I stand there, but when you are looking down at a little elastic band that is supposedly going to hold your weight and not let you die, the harder it is to convince yourself to jump off the edge.

After a couple of minutes I told myself to stop being so stupid and I couldn't back out, what would my friends say - Wussss - so I sucked it up, did the countdown, she pushed me a little harder this time and wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - well if you watch the video you know that is not what I said - but it was fantastic, great, excellent and would totally recommend it!!

The videos I have below - one is from the pack I brought and the other one is kindly taken by Jason and Juliet.

This movie is me at the top, getting ready to jump

This is me jumping - from spectators view

This is Zac jumping - not quite taking as long as I did!

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