Thursday, 9 February 2006

Bits and Pieces

Well the boys have left and life has gone back to normal. We just did heaps of touristey (is that a word) things. Don't have any pictures as Stephens laptop died before my cd was finished. May have some in the future.
Finally, after five months of being here, I think I may be in a netball team. I played a game of netball on Monday night for a team and they are really nice girls who are also my age. They need mid court people which is a bonus and we are in grade 3! I think there might be 5 grades or maybe more. 3 is higher than I am used to but we won! So, this weekend I am going out to Big W to buy my green t-shirt and then shop around to buy my very own black pleated netball skirt. I also have another game tonight with a different team so hope that goes well also. I need the exercise :)
I have a few lessons in French now and am finally starting to be able to remember the words and phrases and try and pronounce them. The hardest thing I have found is trying to read the words and pronouce them because you want to sound them out like english words which usually isn't what they are supposed to sound like. I did however get this very helpful book which has the words in french then they write english guides to help you sound them out, if that makes sense!
Home and Away
Haven't really watched home and away in a while because was busy last week, but from what I can gather.
Tasha and Martha
Martha decided to join the believers undercover and stayed at the farm. She then heard someone buried alive, Rebecca, I think, but then she was drugged by Mumma Rose. She was then found by someone and wanted a drug test to prove that she was drugged and not making bad stuff about the believers up but the drug test came back negative, because the believers black mailed Josh who then blackmailed the hospital to say that the tests were negative.
Tasha was also drugged by Jonah who may have taken advantage of her. I think Mumma Rose wants her to get pregnant to Jonah so she can have a "special" baby or something like that.
And that's about all I can tell you at the moment.
Anyways better do some work.

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