Thursday, 2 February 2006

The boys have arrived

On Tuesday morning at 7am I made the 45 minute trip to the airport to pick them up. They all made it safe and sound and we then proceeded to drive back through rush hour traffic to our house.

We had breakfast and then went shopping for items that people may/may have not forgotten/left at home/packed at the last minute and forgot to pack.

At 1pm we headed down to the marina to have a ride in a jet boat, go jet skiing and parasailing.

The jet skiing was awesome, there were two people to a jet ski and Stephen had one on his own. As it was pretty windy we all ended up getting saturated but had a great time. At one stage Me and Zac ended up going 81kms, we ended up not falling off but Daniel ended up in the water twice and then Debra and Daniel both fell off the jet ski and had the instructor a bit worried.
After jet skiing we went for a ride on the speed boat around the spit. We saw a nice boat with heavy black smoke bellowing out the back.

We then went parasailing. That was really cool, but by that stage was starting to feel a little sick.

The day was great and jet skiing was the highlight, i definently recommend it.
Oh and did I mention that Zac and Daniel got sunburnt, because they "forgot"to sunblock parts of their bodies. What is it with boys!

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